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making life from scratch. Is it possible?

It would seem to me that if we can build organs, we could build organisms. It would require that you recreate every organ in the body, and put them all in the correct order, but essentially it sounds to me that it might be possible soon, and it may be accomplished if we try it. If we were to try, and we succeeded, would that person be considered alive, or artificial, and if it were considered artificial, would it be moral to keep it alive? Another question is why would it be artificial?
My thought would be that it would be evolutionary, because humans have learned over time how to produce an organ, and we have learned anatomy, so that we could fix or reduce our amount of sickness, so it is something that we adapted to do so that we could survive.


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Thank you everyone for your insight

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    • Jan 26 2014: Its probably worth mentioning that conventional evolutionary rules don't apply to civilized life. Failure to ruthlessly cull out the weak sees to that.
      Quality of life shot straight up, but evolutionary development has completely stagnated.

      As civilization further solidifies itself, evolutionary rules apply less and less. Genghis Khan was able to effectively spread his genes through war in the 12th century; take a more modern war leader (or common soldier for that matter) on the other hand, say Napoleon Bonaparte, and you find that his genes didn't exactly spread far and wide.
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      Jan 26 2014: Whose to say that we are more civilized then any other animal in this world, and if you can prove that, whose to say that we are the most civilized species that will ever exist? Evolution does not stop at us. It will continue until the end of all time, and I don't mean just on earth I mean throughout the entire universe or maybe even multiverse. As long as there is an environmental change then there is evolution. One way that humans have evolved over time is that we evolved to breath more toxic air. If you were to take a person from the 1700's and bring them back to life they would not be used to the air and they would not stay alive for very long. They would also have a culture shock haha!

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