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Building cube cities, stretching miles and miles.

Imagine what we will accomplish if we decide to go cube. What we will gain. I will tell you: space first of all, time and effort for engineering, preserving our planet's natural wonders. greater and vast communities, warmth and cooling costs would be down, all around elevators so no need for vehicles. Most of all, safety. The possibilities are endless just about. Think about it and let me know.

  • Jan 27 2014: No likes for this? I really thought I had something.. More dreams then...
  • Jan 27 2014: Might be fun to visit, but I wouldn't live there. I like me some irregularity!
  • Jan 26 2014: Making an entire city out of a single unit doesn't sound like the best of ideas.
    It would be cramped, with little natural lighting, and need for extensive ventilation. During some disaster like a fire or earthquake, the difficulty in evacuating large structures may also turn it into a death trap.

    Saving space is also not much of a concern in most parts of the world. Most countries have more land then they know what to do with.
    The exception is prime real-estate inside existing settlements, but that's mostly because people want to live there. Start stuffing them all inside large claustrophobic cubes, and I'm not sure they'll want to live there anymore--suburbs are already widespread due to people wanting to get away from crowded cities, and they're pretty roomy compared to single complex settlements.
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    Jan 26 2014: Interesting reading - and I have been in some of the examples (Las Vegas, Minnesota, etc). As I am reading I wonder why it isn't more popular - people wanting their own space I guess? People wanting a bigger house than others - in this structure we all have a similar size house. We are more equal! A lot of people would be very opposed to this concept - how do you show off?
    • Jan 27 2014: There will be units.. bigger units and what not. I am saying this because I had a dream about it... I am sure of this... it will take place eventually.. Maybe because of no space.. or it might be because of overwhelming environment..
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      Jan 27 2014: Humans are psychologically adapted to sunshine and open spaces. From what I've read, this is usually where megastructures run into trouble.
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    Jan 26 2014: Imagine what we will lose. Sunlight. Only the small fraction of rooms on the sides and top will get any, and the rest of us will live in eternal phosphorescence. Yuck.
    • Jan 27 2014: No.. not at all the would be some kind of mirrored light that gets multiplied.. I dream this at times.
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    Jan 24 2014: Could you provide some links or more explanation of what these are? This is not a concept that many are aware of.
  • Jan 21 2014: I want to know what people think of this. I mean without the part where they think it is way in the future. I put that in the topics thank you.