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lowering the sea level.

Today, we are concerned of the sea level rising and parts of the planet getting dryer. Do desalination could be a solution? Taking sea water into desalination and make it travel to the driest part of the planet. Create irrigation to cultivate vegetation on those areas! These could help to: lower the sea level, expand the vegetation, reducing extreme temperatures, reducing wildfire and growing produce. The cost could be huge but the result could be priceless...!

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    Jan 26 2014: This is sort of being done, not so much to lower sea levels but using desalinization to provide water for agriculture, etc. in Arabia. The kingdom spends some serious money to provide drinking water, dairy operations, plant cultivation, etc. in some of the most arid areas in the world. Considering the scope of effort to effectively lower sea levels... the results could be huge, but the costs would be priceless.
  • Jan 25 2014: Lets run some rough numbers - the area covered by the oceans is roughly 360 million square kilometers. To lower it 1 centimeter means you would have to remove over 3.5 trillion liters of water.
  • Jan 24 2014: Admittedly this could work but like you said, this would cost a lot and americans or any country for that matter are not know for execive preemptive action on theorys
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    Jan 24 2014: Have you done any calculations how much energy this would need and how much pollution it would create by the current energy transformation technology?