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Is there a song, piece of music or even just a sound bite that reflects your mood and can dictate your attitude?

I pose this question purely to delve into the inner workings of certain sounds, chords, strings, drums etc... that make the body act in a more positive, more negative, more outgoing etc... way.

So, is there a piece of music, a sound bite or anything sound related that creates and attitude or dictates how you are? If so, what sound and what's the outcome?

Closing Statement from Dan Croxford

Thank you very much for all your responses, the conversation between all was incredible. Sound is a very powerful thing. It can divert moods, create atmosphere, can be positive and also be negative. It's very intriguing to see how certain sounds and pieces of music work for certain people. You've all been great with your answers, so thank you.

  • Jan 22 2014: Drums are a call to unity
    Trumpet a call to movement
    Bells an announcement
    Guitar a rock symbol
    Organ a religious experience
    Bass a gentle pause
    Voice the most versatile
    Harp heavenly
    This being said nothing relaxes my mind more than a Andrea Bocelli concert in Italy.
    CSNY or Pink Floyd for a rebellion.
    Sade or Diane Krall for the blues.
    Rumer for clarity
    I can listen to Carlos Santana who was born on my birthday all day anyday.
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      • Jan 27 2014: This is a little newer and a full 1 and half hour concert by Andrea Bocellli and friends.

        You mentioned by Carlos in 1975, I was in Hawaii and got to see Elvis Presley in his last concert there at the Blaisdell concert hall. He was already into drugs and bloated but still put on one hell of a concert. Every year in Hawaii they also have mini rock festivals (Hawaiian Style) in the Diamond head crater. Those Hawaiians know how to party hardy and some last for days. Everybody helps out, some go killl the wild pigs, some dig the fire pit, some prepare the veggies and fruits, some cool the beer and wine, some play the music, some dance the hula, some roll the joints, everybody has a job to do, then everybody party til they drop.
  • Jan 24 2014: For me yes, any of the great works of Beethoven have this ability. A single note from him can do this, it can totally captivate my emotions. The only other music that has this ability is celtic folk music.
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    Jan 27 2014: Definitely. Actually, I choose what I listen to according to my mood. When I'm angry, I listen to metal rock. When I'm happy, I listen to lively tunes of any genre. When I'm peaceful or need calming, I listen to slow jazz. It's effective
    therapy for me. I feel better every time after doing that.
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    Jan 27 2014: warning: lana del rey's young and beautiful causes mild depression, powerlessness, low energy condition. consume sparingly.
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    Jan 22 2014: I'm usually pretty bright and up, but when I'm in the mood, bright, up music usually makes me feel even more bright and up, but only so long as it's playing.
  • Jan 22 2014: Different music provokes different responses in me. These days I like mellow Jazz while I work.

    A soundbite from Steeler's Wheel "Stuck in the Middle with You" seems to apply a lot these days...

    "Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right Here I am tuck in the middle with you"
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    Gord G

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    Jan 22 2014: The power up chime. :-)
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    Jan 22 2014: Bolero by Ravel. If I'm having trouble settling into a piece of work, it focuses my mind and energy, pretty much without fail.
  • Jan 22 2014: Hi Dan,I like Chinese Erhu very much,二泉映月(The Moon over a Fountain) is my the most favorite one.Here is the link:

    When I was young,I listen to it's blue,now I am in my forty,I listen to it's graceful spirit and flexible understanding of life,very joyfull.
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    Jan 22 2014: I also like guitar's sound very much, from the classic to the electric ones, terrific~!
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    Jan 22 2014: It's uncanny that certain music played on indigenous instruments just 'goes' with the landscape and people from which they originate.

    The most redolent ones for me being the African Kora, Celtic Harp, the Irish Uilleann Pipes, Tibetan Chanting, American Blues and jazz - The list goes on...

    I can't listen to Miles Davis' "A Kind of Blue" without picturing Edward Hopper's images of New York in monochrome.

    The images in my mind of landscapes/cityscapes are all the more vivid when listening to such beautiful music.
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    Jan 22 2014: I think of one is my own voice: when I mimic my cats' mews and communicate with them; when I sing my favorite songs or tunes; when I listen to my own singing, which helps to enable me to be relaxed and have a good mood.:)
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    Jan 21 2014: clock alarms make me grind my teeth and create a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    other than that there's this (sorry about the ad but it's only going to get worse - remember when the internet had no ads?)
    • Jan 21 2014: Standard clock alarms do the same for me! However I've entrusted my iPhone to wake me up each day, and delegate a new/different song for each day so it's a constant change instead of the repetitive marimba.

      Great choice of song! (haha I think I remember when the internet had no ads)