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The Internet Party

In New Zealand there is a political party about to launch called "The Internet Party" which wants to champion online privacy and to encrypt half of the net. The man behind this new party Kim Dotcom, a man who became global news when American and New Zealand authorities raided his home and arrested him for copyright racketeering. Love or hate this man he has bounced back and wants to get those nonvoters of the younger generations who are not interested with our current political system and there is a lot of young tech savvy people here that want this to happen, myself included.

Is this the next stage? Will this bridge the gap between the modern disengaged person who doesn't want to attend political rallies? What is the modern voter or will be?

I will post links as for some reason the system thinks there is csr attacks in this submission.

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      Jan 22 2014: I'm a child of the last century and therefore i'm still part culturally a part of the last century yet the wars and the changes of that century is history to the children of the now and the now is truly up for grabs. I'm a kiwi and we unfortunately suffer from the tear down syndrome, we don't like star reachers, we tear them to pieces at any chance we get and so our brilliant ones have to leave as we are just two islands at the bottom of the world.

      With the advent of the net shifts can happen in 5 years and at the moment there are no horizons online, no borders, no countries. There is just us and the 20th century was a century ago. Humanity has never had this level of communication ever within it's known history. A part of me doesn't know what to make of it and feels that the world has somehow got in a car and driven off on me, the other part is hungry for the unknown and the native within feels adrift. Basically i just want my country to get up to speed with rest of the planet technologically and keep pace with it because transport tech is the next hurdle. If you use last centuries innovations it runs like this. Communication = transportation = better communication = better transportation and so on. the hope for the next transportation innovation is superconductive materials = flying cars = no need for oil.
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      Jan 22 2014: Lilly your post is a truth of human nature, my post is a hope for what tomorrow might bring.It's actually easier for us down here to effect change as it's just two islands, a good chunk of the planets population doesn't even know this part of the planet exists.
  • Jan 22 2014: If generational theory carries weight...younger generations are going to abandon the internet in favour of local communities. They won't trust anything with a digital imprint. If it requires power to connect they'll put it in the attic or bury it in the backyard. Fame and mass acceptance will be the vice of their parents. ( perhaps the chautauqua will be back in vogue).

    ...or the youth will have caught Virgin Airlines to Mars and left earth to their lame parents.
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    Jan 21 2014: can he run? not sure he is legally able to. clever campaign though - people like cheap things and everyone (apparently) loves the internet.

    there are no visionaries currently in government and this guy is certainly not one of them. methinks it's going to go the way most elections go - propaganda for dinner for 6 weeks leading up to it, large helpings of personality-based campaigning, a side-salad of lies and an ever-increasing sprinkling of dirt-digging.

    these are all reasons for voter apathy and until there is a major clean-out and upgrade of the democratic system, a rich businessman isn't going to change much.
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      Jan 21 2014: Yes you're right, he's not a citizen yet but he can launch it and start the ball rolling. Change is inevitable and the cronyism down at the Beehive needs to be shaken up. 4.something million people and a large chunk of them are apathetic, right now I'm on my phone replying and I bet a great deal of them would rather use their mobiles to interface with government.

      At most I expect a capture of 1.5 to possibly 2% but I'm not confidant. If it forced the Beehive to go online then I'm happy. In this era lightening fast changes actually happen and that is what scares the establishment. We can't go the way America has gone, that's what scares me.
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        Jan 22 2014: yeah, it would be good to see some serious turnout at the polls this time.

        to be honest, i'm ready to give up on politics - they all seem much the same these days - more wrapped up in dollars and their own policies than the people electing and paying them.

        we need a young hot-shot to come in and sweep aside all the musty old traditions and pull democracy into the 21st century - i like Kim Dotcom, he's got a good PR thing going on, but i don't think he'll be the saviour we need. at least he might cause a shake-up of things.
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          Jan 22 2014: You're child of the 60's? I'm a child of the 80's, what we have now is up for grabs, unformed, unknown, a blank slate. It's only ourselves that is stopping us. I'm Maori so it's actually harder to come to grips with modernity as the tribesman within battles to surface and take control. There is a deep sadness within as i feel sooner or later we will have to make some serious decisions on the Treaty and when Elizabeth karks it. The old girl in the north and her Korowai has all but faded and her feathers have gone with the wind and anyway I'm sick of being beholden.

          You want true Democracy? We go Republic, that's, as far as i can see the only avenue we have, this might offend you because we are still pommy in nature and in saying so it is inherent for us to have a slight distrust of Germans, nutty people. I think it's a holdover from the war generations but our kids at least don't suffer from this dislike.
    • Jan 22 2014: Everybody on the internet loves the internet. ;-)
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        Jan 22 2014: it's a love-hate relationship..
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          Jan 22 2014: I mirror your thoughts on Kim, it would have to be one of us yet i like it because there is the air that it goes beyond race, business, the shareholder shackles and the incumbent system. It's a start but i hope it keeps evolving.
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    Jan 21 2014: Here are two links though there has been no official party policy release yet our local MSM paper unexpectedly decided to actually run two small articles on it.