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Why are we not putting solar on the roofs of our low income housing in the US and trianing people on unemployment to perform these skills?

We have to change what our poor in the US think as well as give them tools and ways to independently make it on their own. I know it is sexier to change lives in 3rd world countries, however by adding skillsets to people in america there will be more of us to pass ideas on and assist the planet.

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    Gord G

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    Jan 22 2014: Given the ever widening divide between the rich and the poor, I imagine you can skip the solar panels and simply burn the unemployed in the fireplaces of the affluent.
  • Jan 22 2014: You gonna pay for it?
  • Jan 21 2014: Because solar panels currently cost to much and give to little. Give it ten years and they might be workimg well enough for something like this but other wise it is not happening. Also not everyone likes solar energy, also not everyone wants to install solar panels, also to train these people takes money, and half of america can't even balance a check book