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Why does a fast food sandwich taste exactly the same 365 days a year?

I am interested in all the issues of fast food companies creating standardised foods. In society today it has become the norm to walk into any fast food store and pick up a sandwich, this will be exactly the same 365 days of the year, with absolutely no difference in taste and appearance.

This is because companies have large controlled industrial systems ensuring all foods are exactly the same. Slowly humans are being eliminated in the process of cooking foods industrially as human perception can get in the way of ensuring products are of constancy.

I invite you all to discuss, do you think humans be eliminated from the process of cooking and will the consumer always demand complete consistency in foods?


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    Jan 28 2014: We are turning into a society of programed, non imaginative, non cooking, fast paced , multitasking, bunch, of give it to me now , I said I don't have time to wait PEOPLE ...; so, we like the standardized, same as it was last year sandwich , most of the people that I have encountered in my life , there are exceptions , I think fast food is a thing that some people depend on ( for all the reasons I gave ).

    Being from the country and raised on a farm I learned to eat a multitude of foods, and never as a kid got to eat all that fast food my parents never took us . As an adult I learned to cooked, I enjoyed the art of cooking and became a pretty good at it .
    Im sure this post will aggravate a few people I have found that to be true on some of my posts .
    • Feb 12 2014: The "standardized, same as it was last year sandwich" is NINETY YEARS OLD! Think about that. Just think. Fast food chains go back to NINETEEN TWENTY-ONE! They are NOT NEW! THERE IS NOTHING NEW IN THIS STANDARDIZATION OF FOOD! By 1921, the only thing that White Castle did was make explicit what was already implicit in the industrialization of society that had begun two generations before.

      Stop pretending that this is anything new. It's not.
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        Feb 13 2014: Fast food at one time was a treat it was a special place to go and take someone out too
        now it is just a place to grab something to stuff your face with .lol... not really funny

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