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Producing run-of-the-mill heroes...

Heard a talk related to how individuals in situations within a system can be influenced to do all sort of things. I wonder about fostering the focus of individuals and conversations to sensitize them into choosing to act as heroes when the situation presents itself (rather than choosing from the other alternatives). This debate conversation seeks to focus on how to do three things:
1- Get the individual to choose the better way
2- Induce situations to move towards the better states
3- ensure systems ALWAYS produce the better beneficial effects

Evidently part of the interchanges may focus on what is mean by 'better' and how does one determine it; though the central idea here seeks to jointly explore what it takes to catalyze the hero response when the opportunity presents itself. As a metaphor how and what does one feed 'The Wolves Within' (see native tale story).

Ideally at towards the end participants will collaborate to produce a closing shared declaration of the resulting insights.


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    Jan 31 2014: There is an old axiom that says, 80 % of the people, are kind and generous, doing good things, your ordinary heroes. The other 20 % are just plain mean. I am not sure the numbers are correct, but my experience has been that there are more good people out there then mean. I am not sure how the good ones came to being. It is easy to say that they were raised in a religious environment that stressed ethics and morality. but then I have met good people who came from the most hostile, immoral places. I think that there may be some..... genetic?.... or physiological wiring, they mirror some strong role model.... I don't know.. I am just thankful they are there.
    And then there are the others. I remember a lecture given by an old monk concerning morality. He said that people have souls like God and the Angels. He tells the story of how there was a rebellion by Lucifer, an angel, against God. Well, God won and banished Lucifer to hell. Lucifer came to the conclusion that he lost his rebellion because his forces were not strong enough. He needed more followers. So, Lucifer goes around the world collecting souls for his forces. And the people who have these souls turn mean and immoral and even murderous. Well, doctors have identified sociopaths, and a number of other antisocial behaviors, and we can see mean, nasty people all around us. I have often wondered if there was some truth in the old monk's story.
    I am not sure that you can pull goodness out of people, I think that it is there and will come out on its own.
    A number of years ago there was a experiment where ordinary people were ask to participate in a lab test of pain and they were to push a button. Well there was no wire and the pained people were acting. The findings was that some people would continually push the button no matter how much yelling was going on. Mean people? What was not extensively mentioned is the people who would not participate or those that quit after the first yelp.
    • Jan 31 2014: Mike

      just a quick note for now... will come back latter on to delve deeper into what you said and share a couple of additional ideas...
    • Feb 1 2014: Mike,

      In a way the thinker who chooses to reject the truth and rebels against the truth of the mater vanishes from understanding ... well its more like the truth be in plain sight they just can't see it... actually its more like they see it ... though they refuse to recognize it... and refuse to understand it... imagine being happy and unable to recognize it or accept it deluded and deceived into thinking one be unhappy... Kind of being a billionaire under the spell of not having a dime and thus unable to access the fortune nor enjoy having it...

      I think God created a bunch of possibilities some of which ought to remain as such, as possibilities ... the thing was that some decided to think that a bad idea was a good idea and then ended up confused and deceived thinking what isn't is and what is isn't... Its much simpler to think what be to be what be... the thing is some imitate others rather than do what ought to be done...

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