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The typical number of days in school in the USA is 180 (much lower than most countries). Should we go to year round schools?

The long break in the summer sets us back. Testing in August/September shows how much students lose during this excessive break. If the USA wants to compete academically should we go to year round schools?


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    Jan 26 2014: Tests shouldn't come before learning but unfortunately (at least were I live) school funding is based on test performances of the students. That needs to change but people like to compare one school to the next - there has to be a better school!
    • Jan 27 2014: I would agree. I look at the number of graduating seniors and how many go to college. This will indicate the number of good students. I think that school systems should be judged by the results (not high school but college, how well they did in college and how well they do in industry)

      That is the way we should judge teachers and the school systems. For those in challenging districts, there could be some additional factor added.
    • Jan 27 2014: sounds like the problem is how schools get funding

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