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Give me a list of 5 things: What did you like best about school or wish there had been more of?

There is an awful lot of top-down talk in education about what the Ph.D.'s and the politicians think would improve education, but I would like to see more bottom-up talk from the customers about what made school - even if only during rare moments - engaging or meaningful. Repetition is valuable, as in any survey, and uniqueness is valuable too.


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    Apr 29 2011: What I would like to see in schools

    1: Computer Languages taught at a fairly young age.
    Computers are not going anywhere, and it might be a good idea for kids to know how to make their own progams instead of buying what is there.

    2: More real world math applications.
    I guess this would fit in well with the programing. I remember being so disconnected in math classes growing up because I failed to see why I would need it.

    3: More creative writing courses and a younger age.
    I only found one creative writing course in high school, and convinced the teacher to let me have a semester to write as a independent study. I don't know if the situation is similar else where, but creativity is a great thing to foster.

    4: More science projects/fairs!
    Only in elementary school do I remember being a school wide science fair.

    5: More pragmatic teaching of real world skills
    Lots of kids will not end up in college. Why not teach these kids real world skills to help them after they graduate.

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