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Culturally Which Item would you like to recommend and share genuinely from your country?

Whereas culture is a universal language and thanking the international platform that TED provides us. I would like to propose a new topic of conversation. Interested participants could inform about the more outstandind of their country: music, pictures, traditions, books, even films, all culturally open. If the references are visible through internet in a simple search that would be most appreciated.


Closing Statement from paco lopez

I want to thank all participants for their valuable contribution and to TED the opportunity to exchange views among so interesting people, really it has been a nice experience. Thanks to all of you.

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    Jan 23 2014: Hello, paco, thank you for telling me you're interested in the Chinese dragon. Dragons have represented the most superior power and royalty since ancient China. If a dragon is with a phoenix bird(a fiction too),they are called a happy and auspicious couple (dragon stands for the male,phoenix stands for the female)with a very pleasant marriage or wedlock---"龙凤呈祥".
    This is the detail for our Chinese dragon's long story:

    And the image of the pattern "龙凤呈祥"
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      Jan 24 2014: Finally it all makes sense to me now why a Phoenix is capable to arise from its ashes. Which, if not this quality, comes in more handy to be able to repeatedly kiss a fiery spouse?

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        Jan 25 2014: Lejan ., I mentioned public libraries in America. How are the public libraries in Germany?
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          Jan 25 2014: Hmm, my guess would be they are of usual modern technical standard and service.

          In my town you enroll for an annual fee of 22 EUR ($30) as an adult and it is free of charge for all books (except recent bestsellers) below age 18.

          Financially weak adults get freed off this fee or price reduction.

          The library holds a stock of books at place, but all libraries are connected, so if a book or other media is not available, it will be ordered from another library, usually within one or two days.

          The main focus is on regular books, which are free of charge as long as they are no current bestsellers. Also for rent are e-books, audio books, movies, music, board games and computer games, but for those a small charge has to be payed.

          If you like you can read within the library or take home what you choose. The usual lending period is 2 weeks, but can be extended if necessary.

          To find a book you desire, you either use open computer terminals to locate it within the library, or you ask for help at a service point where librarians will help you out.

          Ordering books in advance or from another library, extend lending periods, or to reserve a book for the next lending cycle can be done online from home with a user account one gets with registration.
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          Jan 25 2014: And this is how the library looks from the outside:

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        Jan 26 2014: so are you member, Lejan ., why or why not? In U.S., public library is free.
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          Jan 26 2014: They used to be free in Germany too, since austerity programs and tax spending focus changed by the influence of the current market economy, which marked my decision not to use them anymore nor to donate my books I don't need.
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        Jan 27 2014: so when they became not free, you ceased to donate books? What is the connection?
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          Jan 27 2014: I don't know the exact time when the policy got changed, but I used to donate books in the late 90s, then paused the use of public libraries for some years and learned about the change in 2009.

          The connection is simple, as my donation is free of charge, because this is what makes it a donation, I expect this intention to be kept.

          And as this ideal still is preserved at 'social warehouses', I give my books to them instead, because there financially weak individuals may come to enjoy and also to own them.
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      Jan 25 2014: Yoka, I mentioned public libraries in America. How are the public libraries in China?

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