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Should there be a sugar tax?

In an attempt to combat the growing obesity epidemic, Mexico recently approved a sales tax on sugary drinks.
Could taxing sugar and other health damaging foods be an effective way to reduce our rapidly expanding waistlines? And if so, should other countries follow suit?
Is it reasonable to treat sugar and junk foods like other harmfull and addictive drugs such as tabacco and alcohol? Do they deserve such bad press or are we simply passing on the blame for our own inability to take responsibility for our health?
Would such a tax be effective anyway? Or would it simply be an infringement to our freedom of choice and another way for governments to make money?


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    Jan 22 2014: From a teenagers perspective , No. Everyone , for the most part, has choice of what goes in their bodies. We should be able to willingly take responsibility for ourselves. If we want to drink sugary beverages , ( Untaxed) then we should be able to. If you don't want to, then don't buy any or drink them. We should not tax sugar because of obesity. Every one has a choice.
    • Jan 23 2014: Thanks for taking the time to respond, it's always interesting to hear the point of view from different age groups and perspectives.

      I agree that freedom of choice is important. But my question is that if sugar could be responsible for the growing obesity epidemic, can we afford to just ignore the problem?

      Freedom of choice is a great ideal. But when our health service is under severe pressure, with obesity and related problems now costing us more than alcohol and tobacco put together, is it fair to let everybody pay the cost for those who choose to over consume?

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