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Is there any sense to implement online education in the standard educational process?

Nowadays we can see more and more ways to get educations online. Many people use them and pay less attention to the classical education.
There are different online courses like https://www.coursera.org/ or https://www.futurelearn.com/ or tutoring platforms where you can teach students online like http://tutorsclass.com/ and others.
What do you think about them? Is it really possible to create a positive educational environment when you are not in the same place where your students are?
Should we rather avoid online tools of this type or allow them to penetrate traditional system of education?


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  • Jan 23 2014: Melissa,

    1. I think we can not avoid online tools and they will be used.
    2. Standard education needs to change to integrate the online tools. A good example is flipping.
    3. I feel we have to move from lecturing and teaching the book.
    4. I also think the move to teaching to a test is not very good.

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