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The role of religion in our daily life: Is money a new kind of cult? are the traditional religions threateaning our growth?

It has always been one of my biggest concerns since it takes us as an individual but also as a community in the whole perspective. Despite the fact religion habits are not followed as other times we must take on account the number of people tend to answer their existential doubts with either resignation and weak faith or a frenetic rythim of sensory stimuli (music, tv, socially crowded environments)
The previous debate may be synthethized as: Are we aware of the dangers of letting others be "free to choose their religion" or is this choice a true evidence of their lack of freedom, inherited from generations of egotist, individualist humans taking advantage of money to gain power and manage to control people's notions of freedom and community commitment .
Of course other questions arise, such as: is the educational system designed for this age, does it guarantee or promote decisions made by personal conviction or just "to keep with the flow"? Is it designed for the industrial revolution demanding working-blinded-minds?
Finally, aiming to translate thoughts into action: What do YOU do in order to challenge this set of values?

  • Feb 19 2014: We have all the answers, so we don't need religion to direct us and quite often religion does not direct in positive ways. Our subconscious knows everything, religion just obscures our knowledge of this. Money is a positive energy; spend it, give it and love it in order to receive more of it. Love life and be a non violent partipent of the circle of life advancing your mind to become as good as you can possibly be. Learn from the world religions, but your best not to follow them if you want to advance your thinking and free your spirit.
  • Feb 13 2014: Religions of many types and varieties have been part of most human societies, They are there because the need is there They reflect the need of people to have some sort of an explanation why volcanoes roar, why lightening flares in the sky, why stars are above, why old people die and where they go, and last but not least, the constant terrible fear of an eternal non-existence. Religion supplies answers to these questions., The better religions also supply a code of conduct that is time tested and if followed produces a more fulfilling life. They establish a right and wrong in an increasingly relativistic world. Unfortunately what one man builds a second man can exploit. So it has been.
    The most recent four or five hundred years and particularly the last one hundred years have seen an explosion of scientific knowledge. The Hubble telescope and others like it have shown a Universe so incredibly large and dynamic that our minds have difficulty grasping it. We and our ancient gods are not all that is. We are scarcely a grain of sand in the desert. The old stories of the various religious beliefs don`t hold on well with this new light shone on them.And yet many need them and the why remains.
  • Feb 12 2014: Religion? Being ruined by the necessities of the common era. I believe so, we are not only being destroyed by the common temptations but that of a larger scale. Traditional religions are not ruining our society it is the foundation of life as we know it. I assume that the things killing our nation are what could possibly be endowed to technology, and the search for money. We can't live with out money, so why must we become so greedy for it?? It is not a assumed position it is a way of life.
  • Jan 23 2014: a- Why is religion vital? If the answer is implementing a system. Do people have faith in their senators or think they might be good deciding? (forgetting the fact they almost always fail) Do we believe in cooperation or do we THINK that cooperation is the best way to grow myself and the others in my community.
    b- It was not religion who gave those rights, truth is that on many ocasions the traditional religions stopped some rights to be guaranteed. i.e: Abortion, Igualitarian marriage, and the surprising fact that their institutions disliked the idea of a government independent of the church (as happened in latinamerica for example). I think you know enough to detect the false aspects of your conclusons, you just have to review your premises.
    And finally to keep it going: is praying all sundays going to reduce hunger in our country? is giving tips to greedy people going to educate those who need to experience their freedom? I don`t think so. I'm certain that giving a homeless person food and a chance to educate himself is a much more direct and effective way of changing the course of human inequality,
  • Jan 23 2014: Perhaps your personal situation or some traumatic events on your life have privated yourself of being with people who dont hate being wrong if that means learning and know a little bit more. As a student in phiolosophy i guarantee you that the % of religious people is really under your number, nevertheless the faith in religion is so weak in the majority it can be replaced with proper education and freedom encouragement.
    Secondly, you should read some studies about moral growth through time, it doesnt end at an early age, it keeps developing. And the fact you get a name is not a limiting factor is just how others call you! NOT WHO YOU ARE! we cant allow ourselves to be so shallow.
    Finally, your surrender is just another sad manifestation of the success of thos ein power that convince great amounts of people that things are like this because they are prefixed and cant be changed. Guess who profits from this beliefs? Yes, the ones wth power. I do believe in change, not for being an utopian but just for the fact humans changed to be this way, it wasnt a "natural course" as many want us to believe.
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    Jan 23 2014: I think religion is vital and should be kept prior in implementing any system in society. Religion is never a threat but the nurture now a days is.
    I believe that religion has allowed male and female with some rights and if its implemented as per limitations, it isnt bad.
    Both gender should first revise their limitations
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    • Jan 22 2014: I detect thre points in your comment, correct me if i'm wrong.
      a- The origin of religion (or beliefs) and the male role
      b- The lack of freedom on reason
      c- The inevitable bias on our minds and their awful consequences
      So i reply:
      a- It was not the point debating the origin of religion nor the man opression over woman, this is a whole different topic and i'd like to discuss it later, anyway i think you were mentioning it as an introduction of the troubles that threaten humans nowadays.
      b- I strongly reject the idea of lack of freedom based on the only fact of being thretaned with success many times. We are free, in fact we are even free to choose to live with freedom or in a world of deceits and apparences. Further more, Freedom is on our minds and as greeks used to say, despite being slave i still consider myself free.
      c- NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE GREEDY, WARING, NARCISISTIC, etc. The ones with POWER are and since we as a community dont commit ourselves to change it the world is getting worse and more unequal.
      As a conclusion i want to rediirect my conversation into:
      "Are we aware of the dangers of letting others be "free to choose their religion" or is this choice a true evidence of their lack of freedom, inherited from generations of egotist, individualist humans taking advantage of money to gain power and manage to control people's notions of freedom and community commitment ."