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What is the future of privacy and why the muted response to the NSA SPYING on us. ?

I don't know about you but it annoys me to think the NSA could be reading emails and sms's with no warrant because I'm not a US citizen.

I'm a little surprised how lack luster the reaction had been to these revelations.

Is this just because we aren't surprised?

How does this bode fit the future of privacy. Should we just assume and accept any electronic communications might be read by foreign governments?


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  • Jan 20 2014: I think we were not surprised and also the amount of data private companies have collected on us bypasses all the data the government has.
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      Jan 22 2014: Unless we pay cash it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the information system.

      I wonder how much longer we will have cash.
      • Jan 22 2014: Good question - that has been discussed for a while. If money goes away, we will still have a barter system underground economy.
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      Jan 22 2014: which does not matter, because you agreed to that. there is a search engine that don't track traffic. nobody uses it. it is a contract between you and a company: they provide free services, you provide data. it is fair. you can quit any time.

      the government, on the other hand, uses force, and not mutual agreement.

      if you don't see the difference, just continue to vote for power hungry politicians.
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        Jan 22 2014: That would be " Duck Duck Go? " I'm sure that's the one?
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          Jan 22 2014: i don't know, honestly, because i don't mind google collecting my data as of now. i just remember some guys advertising their search engine with such policy.

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