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What is the future of privacy and why the muted response to the NSA SPYING on us. ?

I don't know about you but it annoys me to think the NSA could be reading emails and sms's with no warrant because I'm not a US citizen.

I'm a little surprised how lack luster the reaction had been to these revelations.

Is this just because we aren't surprised?

How does this bode fit the future of privacy. Should we just assume and accept any electronic communications might be read by foreign governments?

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      Jan 24 2014: I guess there is more cynicism or perhaps more selfishness in the youth of today on average.

      We go to university to get a job to make money. Don't want to stuff out up by protesting.

      also protesting gets in the way of our social networking and latest selfie or picture of food.
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    Jan 21 2014: Come back to NZ and join the Internet Party about to launch. We are going to take on net privacy and encrypt it.
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      Jan 22 2014: Hi ken not sure if want to associate with Kim.com.

      hopefully the privacy issue does not get mixed up with the piracy issue.

      havingsaid that I'm not really up to speed on the internet party. If they are for good stuff I would support.
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        Jan 22 2014: I think in the future privacy and piracy will be touted about as one and the same, it's a high probability but who knows. We are lucky we are not in the northern hemisphere and are neighbors sooner or later we will almost merge with probably the islanders joining us. Our countries are not connected so we face transport and distance issues but we are alone down here. Oceania is ours, If we look after it we might be able to create one of the last not so dirty places on the planet.

        When Kim was arrested i knew we had overstepped our own laws and at the behest of another nations business interests and that's the day i knew my government in glorious kiwi stupidity conducted a raid that is only warranted when dealing with armed offenders and insurgents or known drug manufacturing. It was over the top and one day after the failed SOPA bill.It was the most stupid thing kiwi's have done since the last stupid thing we have done but the most embarrassing and the government knew it and that's why he hasn't been deported yet.

        His infamy and notoriety is the carrot that will bring the young to the gates and hopefully get them to start changing their future as will the next generations will do. Force government online.

        We are bacterialogically inclined to share data otherwise we wouldn't be here today. What's going to happen when someone in the states tries to patent a thought process? Extreme? Anything is possible. When it comes down to it what do people rate as a top criminal act, copyright infringement or child molestation. At first i didn't even like the guy but that's a typical kiwi reaction. German, Fat and a playboy. A true Pommy meme wouldn't you say?
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          Jan 24 2014: I heard nz was considered to be part of the Australian federation.

          Guess we have a lot in common.

          Tassie is also seperated by sea.

          I'm a dual citizen.

          it amazes me how much personal stuff done poke put on line.

          I had to get my daughter to create a pseudonim when found her comments on a site with her real name

          Kim just pushes a few buttons for me. More an intuitive response than anything well considered. I'm a bit suspect about when person fortunes and game are morphed into some political movement.

          similar to assange. Wikileaks did some good stuff but the narcissism puts me off. And then forming a political party..

          Some Financial crimes seem to get disproportionate penalties compared to violence. I guess the rich and powerful are more worried about their stuff than our property and health
  • Jan 20 2014: I think we were not surprised and also the amount of data private companies have collected on us bypasses all the data the government has.
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      Jan 22 2014: Unless we pay cash it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the information system.

      I wonder how much longer we will have cash.
      • Jan 22 2014: Good question - that has been discussed for a while. If money goes away, we will still have a barter system underground economy.
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      Jan 22 2014: which does not matter, because you agreed to that. there is a search engine that don't track traffic. nobody uses it. it is a contract between you and a company: they provide free services, you provide data. it is fair. you can quit any time.

      the government, on the other hand, uses force, and not mutual agreement.

      if you don't see the difference, just continue to vote for power hungry politicians.
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        Jan 22 2014: That would be " Duck Duck Go? " I'm sure that's the one?
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          Jan 22 2014: i don't know, honestly, because i don't mind google collecting my data as of now. i just remember some guys advertising their search engine with such policy.
  • Jan 20 2014: All I have to do to get the government to change, is change myself. That being said do you realize how hard it is to change even the simplest habit or routine? Think about it... try to stop taking drugs like nicotine, sugar, alcohol, wheat, taurine, prescriptions, street drugs for instance. I consider someone stopped when they have stopped for as long as they were taking the drug.

    The government is made up of people just like us, there were not pre-ordained to join the government. The government only exists because we built them and support them. If the government is messed up, it is because the people are messed up, pure and simple.

    You will get no arguement from me that our people are messed up. That is so obviously true, look around your neighborhood. The only "real" thing I can do is be a better person myself and hope others will follow my example.

    "Be the change that you want to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi
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      Jan 22 2014: I guess we get the government we deserve our allow collectively.

      I'm not sure I fully understand changing yourself to change the government. I guess it all starts with individual actions that may gather collective momentum.
      • Jan 22 2014: Your guess is right. Look what is happening with marijuana laws. The older generation smoked cigarettes and are dying off, Thank God. The newer generation smokes pot and knows the older generation lied to them about everything and they are pissed. The government is changing because the people are changing. I expect a lot of change in the next few years, we will change or perish because what we are doing is not sustainable. Within the next twenty years as the newer generation takes charge of the government I expect they will look back on what my generation did with absolute disgust and hopefully delete our page of history right out of there IPhone and start over with some principles that work like "You break it, you fix it"!
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      Jan 22 2014: Take a look at this, it's amusing but it happened due to the impact of the horseless carriages that was showing up at that particular time. Sorry a bit off topic.

      • Jan 22 2014: Funny Ken TY. Once again you do not have to look far to find absolute insanity in the human race. Maybe that is the human race, a race to the insane. I would say we won that one.
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      Jan 22 2014: Take a look at this Keith/Obey, i just skimmed lightly. It might be just poppycock advertising or the real deal.

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      Jan 22 2014: Hi Brendan. The mind, brain, humans, life, the universe, is so complex and interesting.

      your insights into.brain,geometry, language, and religion are very interesting.

      I guess the cognitive patterns we first start to write the brain in some manner.
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        • Jan 22 2014: “Know the rules well, so you can break them properly”- Dalai Lama
          You are in good company Brendan. If all my comments are getting through then I know I am getting to passive. There are enough sheep already.
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      Jan 20 2014: Hi Brendan, thanks for your thoughtful response.

      Yes, I'm not one for blind obedience, may be an Aussie trait.

      agree there is so much noise and distraction these days. We can bury or minds in trivial internet, social networking, reality tv.

      I wonder if we are shaping our brains to be less thoughtful.

      I'm not sure if all the noise is deliberately planned to distract us from the big picture, but some probably is. The end result is the same.

      I think we may actually enjoy mindless media as it keeps us from the uncomfortable topics.
  • Jan 18 2014: Maybe the lack of response comes from the lack of surprise in the actions of the NSA. Most people expect such behaviour from the usual militaristic paranoid attitude to life. In other words everyone is suspected as your enemy until proven friendly and even then with suspicions. It has been this way for a very long time and the internet and the ability to spy on others through this approach simply makes the internet a new tool to carry it out.
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      Jan 19 2014: Hi frank, yes no surprise really, just confirmation.

      I guess sitting ed going on when we had letters and then the phone. Just so much more of our lives and thoughts are now digitised.
  • Jan 18 2014: the future of privacy is transparency. this tide is already rising. how to utilize it to our collective advantage?

    I think it's just apathy in the general public as well as a sense that things are just happening wayyyyyyy to fast.

    I just see it as a market force.....
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      Jan 19 2014: Hi Scott, totally agree about the apathy.

      not sure about the transparency. I think governments will try and keep their stuff secret.

      Although at some point period have access to information, and they may find ways to make it public e.g. snowden.