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What is the future of privacy and why the muted response to the NSA SPYING on us. ?

I don't know about you but it annoys me to think the NSA could be reading emails and sms's with no warrant because I'm not a US citizen.

I'm a little surprised how lack luster the reaction had been to these revelations.

Is this just because we aren't surprised?

How does this bode fit the future of privacy. Should we just assume and accept any electronic communications might be read by foreign governments?


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  • Jan 18 2014: the future of privacy is transparency. this tide is already rising. how to utilize it to our collective advantage?

    I think it's just apathy in the general public as well as a sense that things are just happening wayyyyyyy to fast.

    I just see it as a market force.....
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      Jan 19 2014: Hi Scott, totally agree about the apathy.

      not sure about the transparency. I think governments will try and keep their stuff secret.

      Although at some point period have access to information, and they may find ways to make it public e.g. snowden.

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