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Criminality : whose fault and ideas for possible solutions

The crime rate has increased dramatically in the last twenty years all over the world! Whose do you think fault is ( family, school, society, internet, TV) , and how can somebody avoid it, either as victimizer or as a victim? Do you think that it's only a matter of others, or the biggest part of putting limits on criminality, has to do with every single person?

  • Jan 20 2014: I believe it is our fault, our kids learn from example sooooooooooo it is our fault. We are their most important example.
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    Jan 17 2014: Please link to some crime statistics to support your claim. The crime rate has generally gone down in the US.

  • Jan 22 2014: Hi Peter:),we are connected,everyone of us more or less we should take resposibility for what happen on the earth.
  • Jan 21 2014: I think you should define criminality in your question. Different crimes have different causes.
    Violence within society has a different cause than burglaries, robberies or sex offenses.
  • Jan 20 2014: Have to agree with Lawren - Where did you get your impression and what is it based on?
  • Jan 17 2014: Crime rate is most directly linked to economic prosperity and social equality.
    Where people have an abundance of legal opportunities, turning to crime simply isn't as appealing--the risk isn't worth the reward, and only fringe individuals resort to it.

    Punishment also has something to do with it, though rehabilitation of former criminals is often more effective, if not half as satisfying on an emotional level.