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If you could know the definitive, true answer to any question you could conceive, what would you ask and why?

This question could be related to science, philosophy, ethics, religion, history, etc. Some random examples are: "Who will win the next Super Bowl?", "Should marijuana be legal?", "Is my hair dark brown or black?", and "What are the fundamental rights of humans?".
Don't limit yourself, your question or questions (you can do multiple ones if you like) can directly ask about touchy subjects like war, racism, abortion, or even Justin Bieber.

Feel free to ask for clarification!


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    • Jan 27 2014: Hi lilly lilli. Don't feel bad. Don't feel frustrated if people are unable to see the things you see. As I said, not everyone is "wired" the same and NEVER will be. I can't tell you, nor should I, how to live your life. However...from all that I have observed and read the best contribution that I think one person can ever make is try and encourage and inspire people when you can and try not to critisise others if you can help it.
      You sound like you are in a good place. All the best to you.

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