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If you could know the definitive, true answer to any question you could conceive, what would you ask and why?

This question could be related to science, philosophy, ethics, religion, history, etc. Some random examples are: "Who will win the next Super Bowl?", "Should marijuana be legal?", "Is my hair dark brown or black?", and "What are the fundamental rights of humans?".
Don't limit yourself, your question or questions (you can do multiple ones if you like) can directly ask about touchy subjects like war, racism, abortion, or even Justin Bieber.

Feel free to ask for clarification!

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    • Jan 25 2014: Its all in the genes Lilly Lilly. For a more specific understanding have a look at the work of Dr Robert Hare.
    • Jan 25 2014: My best guess is there simply being no evolutionary advantage to altruism, quite the opposite in fact, which led to altruists being the exception that proves the rule. Animals are very much the same in that regard--most are actually more selfish then humans.

      Mutual cooperation has many benefits, but giving something for nothing is a different matter entirely.
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    • Jan 27 2014: Hi lilly lilli. Don't feel bad. Don't feel frustrated if people are unable to see the things you see. As I said, not everyone is "wired" the same and NEVER will be. I can't tell you, nor should I, how to live your life. However...from all that I have observed and read the best contribution that I think one person can ever make is try and encourage and inspire people when you can and try not to critisise others if you can help it.
      You sound like you are in a good place. All the best to you.
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    Jan 25 2014: Is there Free Will?

    Almost all of us assume there is, but it can't be proven or disproven. Our entire concept of the universe, and indeed, how we can conceive of the universe, depends upon the answer to this question.
  • Jan 24 2014: My question to God: Am I intelligent and creative enough to understand myself?
  • Jan 23 2014: Why would you assume there is a "code" that "runs the world?" I think you are referring to the forms. Shapes we recognize, that are tangible but are void of a physical presence. This question reminds me of that scene in Contact when Ellie meets the alien life form in the form of her father and loses all presence of mind as a scientist. If you are prepared to meet the "CREATOR" you had damn well be able to understand first who you are meeting before you get to ask any questions.
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      Jan 23 2014: Oh sorry I didn't mean to imply that our world follows strict rules and guidelines that cannot be altered, but rather to provide a way of explaining what I actually mean (which is in the description). I wanted to see if there was any question that you guys thought was the most important in finding out and why.

      Thanks for the comment, though! I will rephrase it now.
  • Jan 21 2014: The first question I'd probably ask is "why bother with all this?", to finally determine once and for all if some intelligence was behind this like most religions claim, or if us heretics were right all along if the answer turns out to be "no reason at all".

    Once that question is put into bed, proper mathematical models for the fundamentals of how the universe works seem to be the next order of business.
    Its much more important from a practical standpoint, but I expect the answer to be longer (and quite possibly beyond my feeble comprehension), so its best to start with something easier to grasp.