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Further reasurch into the World Wireless System

When many people think Nikola Tesla they think of a geek, a joke, a failure. But I have been doing some reasuch into what he considered one of his greatest ideas I I just had to ask why we are not trying to get this to work.The idea was called the world wireless system. Basically it was a telecomunications system that was able to do radio, but also to broadcast electricity wirelessly.

Now what that means is imagine wifi. Now imagine that instead of giving you access to the internet, this wifi sent electricity that was picked up by a small antenna on your electrical devices or picked up by a larger station that would disperse that energy along the power grid. Now also imagine that the power station is on the other side of the country.

That is tesla's idea was.it was the idea that energy could be sent anywhere without wires. Nowin todays world, this would be a major thing. Imagine electric cars that no longer needed to be charged because they were being powered wirelessly while you drive. Imagine your smart phone never going out or kids toys not needing batterys.

So what I am thinking is that we need this. We need to start fixing it so that this works. Tesla thought he could get it working with tech 100 years old today. Surely with all of the technological advancements we have made in the last 100 years we could prove it possible, maybe even make it work.



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