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What does the term "democracy" mean to you?

How would you define a democracy ?

Is it simply voting? If so do you vote?

If yes I do vote, do you vote on the issues, or simply for a particular party or candidate?

If you do not vote, why not?

Do think the system of governance your country uses is a democracy? If so why?

If not, why not?


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    Jan 17 2014: To me the word means exactly what it meant from the beginning.

    Demos = People and Kratos = Rule/Power. Which translates into "rule of the people" roughly...

    However this is not the way it works today, we don't rule a bit...
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      Jan 18 2014: agreed, and I believe you mentioned elsewhere that Sweden actually has a democracy component imbedded in the educational curriculum? Sadly it seems this is something that few other nations even contemplate never mind teach.

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