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Is the idea of 'practical wisdom' is to provide maximum good to all people or maximum good to large number of people with still some left?

Practical wisdom is suggested by Barry. His explanations are powerful and make everyone of think that is about rules and rewards. There is no substitute for practical wisdom. However, practical wisdom suggested is it independent of geography, time, culture, political system, religion or values. If in a case like India where the culture of caste is endemic and pernicious, how do you address the issue of practical wisdom. It is based on the view that god has created some people to be lower to others by birth and it is your right to exploit them.Similarly how things that are happening across time such as events in the case of Aristotelian era can be dealt in the same way today? He does say innovative solutions; but what you consider as innovative to be good for everyone. Above all is it possible to design a solution that is maximum good to everyone? or maximum good to maximum number of people with still some people left to get to get the good?

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    Apr 23 2011: you can not skip the personal development of people. in a village where 90% of people thinks one way, there are really just two options: destroy their culture entirely, or help for them to progress. the latter takes more effort and time. in the meantime, practical wisdom still helps more than rigid institutions.
  • Apr 24 2011: Thank you Krisztian Pinter for your reply. I do agree with you. However, how to universalize the phenomenon of practical wisdom? Do we have a single solution or multiple solutions? if multiple solutions are available and if they are diagrammatically opposite to each other how to deal with them?