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Forget NSA ... your smartphone is spying on you

MSN Money's article states that two large Canadian companies (Turnstyles and Viasense ) based in Toronto are collecting data from the Canadian National Cellphone carriers. In the US they name Euclid Analytics Inc in San Francisco and Apples release of iBeacon along with Version who has their own system.

This is possible through smart phones with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Read the article:

Is it any more correct that a company does it or the government tracks you both without consent or your knowledge?

  • Feb 4 2014: Before BACK IN THE DAY....
    While getting through school, I worked the Midnight Shift on the Frame at the Ma Bell Rampart Central Office. My buddy worked at Ma Bell's' Trinity Cemtral Office in downtown Los Angeles.

    When the Police or FBI, or whoever else wanted to listen in, they put up a Shoe, a listening device,
    on the selected lines. Someone who said he was a Supervisor would come by and leave a work-order
    for the Shoe. We Midnight shift employees had all the necessary equipment (Butt-In Devices, and
    special Black Boxes we had created ourselves), to listen to the Shod lines, or any lines we so desired.
    The really 'Juicy" ones were sometimes broadcast throughout the work areas, and signs were made for employees on other shifts. It was all hush hush of course. Employees figured any court orders were
    bogus, and that the data was being collected unlawfully, and would not be used in Court, but used
    instead to effect arrests on different charges, from clues found by listening to Shoe data.
    Who would have thought that the Federal Government would spend 45 years designing Prius and
    implement it using all those 150 leased military installations world-wide?

    Who would have thought that the NSA and DHS and GCHQ, and Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, would be collecting conversations from undersea cables?

    Who would have thought that long before being elected to leadership roles, conversations and emails
    of foreign and domestic politicians would be collected and used for who knows what type of blackmail,
    or one-upmanship in winning negotiations between nations.

    We don't have to ask anymore. We know.

    The Only Question Is --- What the Hell are we going to do about it?
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      Feb 4 2014: Frank, Wish I had answers. The thing that upsets me the most is the lack of emotions by the general public. We have come to a point where we expect the government, law, etc .. to be corrupt and to lie to us and so we just accept it and get on with our lives. This is the first time I have ever witnessed the title "Liar of the Year" to be worn with honor. What a shame.

      If the next election returns people who plan more of the same ... we will know the answer to the question: "What the hell are we going to do about it?" The answer will be nothing and the fall of the USA is completed.

      Thanks for the reply ..... Bob.
      • Feb 5 2014: Bob, as you are no doubt aware.
        I have been some 18 months now trying to alert Americans and
        others throughout the world of this terrible misuse of Power.

        I knew when I researched the beginnings of NSA's Prius 45 years ago,
        and the 3 IBM techs who worked to create it, that something was wrong.

        I followed the history of 1 tech who quit early and went into the private sector.
        My research ended at the White House with reading of many Presidential directives
        and of my studies of all the changes that lobbies have made in our laws since 1974.
        Bribing each congress and taking small bites that destroyed good law, and good

        The common thread found throughout my research, was Presidential Directives,
        especially those immediately following inaugurations, too well written to be authored
        by any President himself. Most recently we find admitted by President Obama,
        "Secret" Presidential Directives. So much for integrity.

        Canada is thought to be more of a Police State than America. It wasn't that
        long ago that we took Canada's No.1 trading partner, China, away from them.
        To do that we had to stop calling them Red China. Canada blossomed since,
        and America has withered.

        Since the rape of our Treasury in 2008, parks and shelters, located in towns,
        cities, counties, states, and DC, have filled with homeless men and women.

        Bob, I am done. My complaints sour my stomach too.
        Thanks for your interest.