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Solar Orbs

Well Once again I am far outside of my area of expertise. The hottest news in the "Green" push involving solar energy is the Solar Orb by Raw Lemon.

It is the claim of German architect André Broessel to be 70 percent more efficient than a typical solar panel.

You can also search rawlemon solar sphere for more info.

I know so little about this that you will need to read for yourself. My intent is to provide you with articles and sites to do your own evaluation.

Is this the future for solar energy?

  • Jan 22 2014: Try to sell the idea to Elon Musk an investor in SolarCity in your state. SolarCity's projects are perfect for beta testing the technology.
  • Jan 21 2014: It might replace traditional solar panels in most applications, but until cost effectiveness improves beyond that of nuclear or fossil fuels, it'll remain as marginalized as solar is today, and for good reason.