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why the song is "London bridge's falling down"?

As a Chinese I also can sing the famous song"London bridge's falling down",but the cunfusion with me too long. Do you know why the lyric is ? It's just an entertainment or has other meaning ?

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    Jan 22 2014: Hi Jelly, and welcome to TED conversations:>)
    I LOVE your idea worth spreading from your profile......."SEE MORE, KNOW MORE, LIVE MORE"...........
    I agree:>)

    Re: London Bridge is Falling Down.....enjoy the exploration as I did:>)
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    Jan 22 2014: it's a good question, jelly. Maybe people enjoy singing things that don't make sense when most of what we say and sing makes sense?

    Maybe it addresses a person's anxiety about bridges, aren't we always a little afraid that a bridge will fall down?
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    Jan 22 2014: "London bridge is falling down" is a traditional nursely rhyme.
    Of course It has other meaning, but I think there was no evidence to support it.

    It is one of the belief that childrens were buried in the bridge`s foundation as a sacrifice to a specific water-spanning gods, and the rhyme relates to the construction of London Bridge by Olaf Ⅱof Norway in 1009.
    It is also one theory "My fair Lady" referred to Matilda of Scotland who was responsible for the construction.