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Error in description of experiment

Daniel does it amazingly well, but describes the essential experiment wrongly on 09:20-35. While he says participants get high reward for high performance, medium for medium etc., the experiment must be organized differently in order to show the results he describes afterwards. Namely the participants must be in 3 groups: one getting a high reward, second a medium reward etc. He makes the same error in which surprises me. Do you agree?

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    Jan 29 2014: Yes total. I think this total talk is a bit of a wash. In summation: "higher incentives lead to poorer performance." Ok.

    How does this statement impact the groups in the study? How does it impact the populace? As a creative person, this sounds awesome. It's not about how much you pay me, but how much I'm willing to give you.

    As a capitalist, this sounds awesome. It's not about how much I'm willing to pay you, but how much you're willing to give me.

    Who wouldn't like this speech?