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Has Ted recently changed the way that videos buffer? (or don't buffer) It's now impossible to watch a video without constant stopping.

Every time I try to watch a Ted video (on Firefox), it refuses to buffer (the way youtube videos buffer a minute or so ahead) - it seems to be instantaneously downloading as it shows. I don't have this problem with youtube or other videos, it's not related to the connection speed, it's just with Ted. And only in the past couple of weeks.

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    Jan 17 2014: Nope, the TED player has always been this bad... I advice downloading the Talks or watching them on Youtube...
  • Jan 20 2014: There are several factors that can effect this transmission problem. 1) Hosting companies are notorious for under powering hosting speed because it directly effects the their bottom line. Factors like cpu speed, buffer size, drive speed and load balancing can all effect hosting. Note: Youtube is a very bad host because of the shear volume 2) The next bottle neck can be your ISP which although you may be paying for a high speed service, they can still throttle your service because of high volume and with the latest (net neutrality law changes) they can pick and choose their own priorities. 3) finally your own computer is subject to some of the same hardware and software factors as hosting and ISP's.
    I have a high speed quad core computer, 30 mips ISP connect and still have trouble with TED Videos especially from Youtube because Youtube is a terrible hosting company for High Definition above 720p, and 720p is also bad at times. Now they are talking about 4K support and this while 1080p is still useless.