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Are the ethics of healthcare compatable with the ethics of business?

Healthcare providers need to be profitable to serve patients. But, the interests of the patient are primary over the interest of profits. Are the two co-exist?
Is physician entrepreneurship a contradiction in terms?


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    Feb 8 2014: No!
    If business in the USA was ethical i.e. not so greedy, profit-making in healthcare would not be such a big problem. However, excessive fortune-making in healthcare is directly or indirectly involved in decision-making about providing care. A shameful state of affairs.

    From NY Times in June, 2013 some Healthcare CEO salaries and holdings in the millions for 2012:

    Richard Bracken, CEO of HCA-34.6 & 84.5 million, Leonard Schleifer, CEO of Regeneron, 30.0 and 666.1 million, Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita, 26.8 and 66.3 million, David Pyott, CEO of Allergan, 19.4 and 108.0 millio, Miles White, CEO of Abbott, 19.0 and 143.2 million, Ian Reed, CEO of Pfizer, 18.5 and 48.1 million.
    • Feb 8 2014: Beth unfortunately as for a comparison you didn't put what a nurse gets.

      You know the one that's there by your side day in day out, not just a consultants quick hello at 10am and gone at 10:01am.

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