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Are the ethics of healthcare compatable with the ethics of business?

Healthcare providers need to be profitable to serve patients. But, the interests of the patient are primary over the interest of profits. Are the two co-exist?
Is physician entrepreneurship a contradiction in terms?


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  • Feb 7 2014: Ethics is a wrong concept in healthcare. If we have to spend million dollar to save a baby that will need life time of care? What will be ethical choice? To let baby die?

    We need to set a parameter on what society can afford and what individual can afford. Business is there to bring innovation and efficiency to the table and then have clarity on their operation and charges. If they are unfair they will go our of business. It will be value judgment call on the part of society.

    Society need to be trained so that at some point "NO" is acceptable even if it means death. There are competing choices on efficient spending of resources
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      Feb 7 2014: This has already been addressed by the 4 pillars of ethics: autonomy; beneficence; non-maleficence; and social justice.
      Justice is the pillar that ensures the extent to which resources are utilised are in keeping with the ability of society to sustainably and easily repeat the exercise without burdening the system on the whole. The scenario you describe is only possible in a private healthcare system where individual resources of parents can 'command' the system to unethical depths.
      • Feb 7 2014: Sumesh:

        Thank you.
        My impression is that it happens with Government support at child birth and end of the life in Medicare all the time. I am not sure what will happen in Obama care. Issue is unresolved. 20 % of hospitalization consumes 80 % of resources. Society has not resolved when death is acceptable.May be I am wrong.
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          Feb 7 2014: I'm not sure where you get the 20% 80% relationship from, but I don't agree with it.
          Medicine has resolved when death is acceptable. The details are available if you search for EOL care and protocols (end of life care). Futility is a specific and defined term and specific criteria must be met.
          The field of medicine is quite clear on many issues that society claims it needs clarity on.
          Sadly it is commerce that comes in and creates confusion by inciting greed and inequality.

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