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Are the ethics of healthcare compatable with the ethics of business?

Healthcare providers need to be profitable to serve patients. But, the interests of the patient are primary over the interest of profits. Are the two co-exist?
Is physician entrepreneurship a contradiction in terms?


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  • Feb 4 2014: Suggestions:
    Become a better customer
    Recognize that doctors can't take care of you if they don't make some fair profit doing it
    Demand management, miitgation or elimination of conflict of interest from your doctors
    Spend every dollar as if it were yours
    Recognize that employed physicians will cost you more
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      Feb 6 2014: This does not drive excellence and innovation.
      This is civilizing greed not demonizing it.
      When doctors are regarded as scions of humanity globally then we're on the right track.
      Right now, you make doctors look like supermarket managers.

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