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Can massive dance/houseparties like Dance Valley or Sensation replace charity and NGO activities in Africa?

I'm from Holland, but living in West and Central Africa for about 12 years. A newcomer cannot see that most NGO's and organizations like Unicef create more damage than good in these parts. I'm convinced that Africa would do so much better if all NGO's and charity organizations are banned for life. Instead, we need big party organizers like for example ID&T to ship their equipment and expertise here, and give birth to large, multi-stage festivals, hence creating jobs, awareness and hope for youths. Within a year or two, most countries having festivals like Dance Valley will stand on their own feet, without interference of selfish NGO's. Most Westerners have no idea what's going on here. Together with some local sponsors I've organized outdoor parties for over 4000 visitors on African soil, but DJ's/artists from outside the continent were reluctant to join the line-up. However, I'm convinced that digital dance-music will transform this continent!

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    Jan 20 2014: Excuse me?? Did I ever touch these selfdestructive subjects? You twist my idea to a whole different topic alltogether, and it's clear you did not and probably can not open your eyes. It's true that musical events are generally associated with drugs and booze, but these are individual choices that I refuse to judge, and so should you. I guess you lack the capacity to look at the big picture here. To quote one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Wallace Wattles:

    'The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness, or gives them an entertainment to make them forget for an hour or two. But inspiration will cause them to rise out of their misery.'

    So when I speak about large dance-shows, I'm not aiming at the entertainment mentioned by Mr. Wattles. The highest goal in poor countries and regions is AWARENESS and INSPIRATION!! Well, the highest form of awareness and inspiration I ever witnessed are the largest dance-events like Dance Valley. Physical life doesn't get much bigger than that...
  • Jan 15 2014: No. Parties do not distribute medication. Parties do not dig wells. Parties do not teach sanitation. Now grow up.
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      Jan 15 2014: An expected answer. Have you ever set foot out of the States? Know that at least 95% of medication distributors, well-digging companies and so on are just in Africa to drive big cars and live in luxury houses, find tall, skinny prostitutes and live way above the standard they could ever experience in the West. Yes, they build an occasional well or latrine, and hand out some brochures about washing hands after diarrhea, but in their hearts they only care about their own bank accounts. Plus they do not create even one job for people who really deserve it. Mr Maloney, you can tell me to grow up, but I advise you to open your eyes before it's too late. I know very well life's not only about partying, but culture and joy changes much more in poor areas than some (white) know-it-alls making profit on their 'expertise'. They should be chased from this continent this instant.
      • Jan 17 2014: So, therefore, might as well just throw it all away, get drunk, get stoned, and party until you die. That's your reasoning.