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Share your favorite music and songs with us

Music or songs,we never miss them in our daily life,do you agree?what songs or music inspired you in your life or what songs or music do you like listening often?why?
My psychological professor told me:Listening music is one type of communication.Then I tried to observe my consciousness in listening music,that's absolutely true.why?it is a bit curious for me,how our bodies and nerve reflect to the music we listen?
Here I would like you all my friends come to share your favorite music and songs here,let's listen happily together,releasing:)Thank you.


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    Jan 16 2014: I listen to a range of genres: alternative and indie rock,folk,jazz...etc except heavy metal.Faye Wang(lyrics are great in almost every song and favorite album would be" 浮躁" ) has always been one of my favorite since elementary school and coldplay(album "parachutes") since high school and their music somehow are blended into my memories of youth days.

    Just mention a few ( there are too many musicians I enjoy listening to):
    Alanis morissette
    Jack Johnson
    Paul Simon
    Nellie Mckay
    Natalie Merchant
    Regina Spektor

    The Beatles is great too!-"within you,without you" from album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is really nice~"Here comes the sun"is actually the song that wakes me up every morning!:D
    • Jan 17 2014: Hi Amily:),I deadly like Paul Simon's 'sound of silence'.Oh,I listened it over one thousand times,never tireless.

      I searching'Here comes the sun' to listen:)Thank you.
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      Jan 18 2014: darn, amily, i wish you got youtube, i'm looking to share a song with called "How will the wolf survive" by Los Lobos. I tried baidu.com, 56.com, I can't find it. You might like it, it is a mexican-american group here in Los Angeles, "los Lobos" is spanish for "the wolves." But you might like others of their songs.
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        Jan 30 2014: Greg. Thank you for your sharing.
        The wolves survived with their drum and guitar :D I listened to their other songs too but enjoyed this one most with the lyrics and simple tune.Like I hear them and their story thru music.

        I actually can access to Youtube if I want via some agent softwares(not paid VPN). Thank you for your efforts to try baidu and 56.com.;-)

        P.S I was too late to reply you in another thread.Sorry about that. Maybe another time to share I guess?
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          Jan 30 2014: yes, it's pretty music. I've had many opportunities to see Los Lobos live, Amily, but I have never gone. Do you go to any live music performances?

          When younger I was going to live music, but now I like to go to bed very early, maybe five or six in the evening, usually. This is pretty uncommon in the United States, but I like it. Then I can arise very early. When one goes to bed early it is hard to see live music, as most of the performances start in the evening and go late, until midnight or two in the morning.

          Yes, I missed you on the other conversation, but I should have alerted you that the conversation is closing as I see your pattern is to wait a while before you answer. But I enjoyed talking to you there, you are very intelligent.
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        Feb 5 2014: Hi Greg, I wish i could get on Ted more but now we are having the biggest festival here.
        Yes, I used to go to a music bar in Chengdu for live music but never a concert or music festival.
        That would be uncommon here too to go to bed that early.Are they one of your favorites? So you are saying you still would like to go for a live music but you like going to bed more?
        I enjoying talking to you too.You seem very curious about people and things around them and that's crucial to learning and thank you for your kind words.
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          Feb 5 2014: how does your TED conversations experience work, Amily? I check my email for business purposes about once a day. Then when I check it I see that I have a few emails from TED, so naturally I start responding?

          Does TED run slowly for you since you're in China? I have a friend from South Korea who went to China for a while to study Chinese language. She stopped emailing me while in China because she said Internet too slow? But then when back in Korea she is emailing me again?

          What happens at that music bar? Do Chinese people dance to music? You dance? You know that sometimes people in America dance wildly mostly at punk rock performances. They do something called slam dancing in the audience, where the audience members crash into each in time to the music. They also do something called stage diving, where the audience members climb onto the stage, then dive into the audience from the stage. Here's a video that shows a lot of stage diving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKoozg5nS-k Here's one about slam dancing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKoozg5nS-k Slam dancing looks pretty rough, but actually is fun but maybe only for guys, I don't know why but it is fun to run into people do you have bumper cars in China these are little vehicles at an amusement park that you can actually crash into each other at low speed. For some reason it's fun to crash into each other, do you understand why, perhaps you could explain to me?

          I haven't been to too many concerts. I've seen Bruce Springsteen, I imagine you've heard of him? I've also seen R.E.M. they're quite good, you might like their music: http://remhq.com/index.php They have a very extensive video tab on their site, one video I like is "Everybody Hurts": http://remhq.com/hqtv/videos/music-videos/everybody-hurts Another of their songs that is good is "South Central Rain"
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          Feb 5 2014: I suppose Los Lobos is a favorite although it's not as high energy as punk rock. But yeah, I really like going to bed early, well, if I go to a concert that goes until midnight or two in the morning as the evening wears on I don't feel that fresh or natural, plus music is enjoyable but just listening for several hours straight can be a little boring, or do you disagree? But also I don't like getting myself home after the concert but recently I learned of an auditorium in my hometown that's in walking distance of my home so I can go to concerts there even though they are not the most famous groups.

          Lately I've been going to some dance performances, those don't go as late and watching artistic dancers can be very enjoyable.

          By the way, I like your profile photo. The light blue at the top is your eyes, right? The dark thin line in the middle is your nose, and then dark blue at bottom mouth?

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