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Share your favorite music and songs with us

Music or songs,we never miss them in our daily life,do you agree?what songs or music inspired you in your life or what songs or music do you like listening often?why?
My psychological professor told me:Listening music is one type of communication.Then I tried to observe my consciousness in listening music,that's absolutely true.why?it is a bit curious for me,how our bodies and nerve reflect to the music we listen?
Here I would like you all my friends come to share your favorite music and songs here,let's listen happily together,releasing:)Thank you.

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    • Jan 30 2014: Hi Brendan,Thank you very much for the sharing.
  • Jan 20 2014: I would say that Andrea Bocelli concerts inspire me the most even though they are often in a language I do not know but fully understand, appreciate and enjoy. Another example would be Red Hot Chilly Peppers which is in my native toungue however I still do not understand the words but fully enjoy watching Flea and the gang ROCK. Pink Floyd, Rumer, Sade, Santana, Dylan and Stones are a wonderful part of my everyday life. I am blessed with a full array of music appreciation for over 60 years and enjoy a variety of styles.
  • Jan 17 2014: You have started the conversation which is very close to my heart.I have been listening to music since the age of four.Your Psychology Professor is right when says Listening music is one type of communication.In fact,Listening music is much more than that.

    Listening to music has revealed many amazing aspect about the music. Music has the power not only to alter the mood but it can also alter the brain and mind.

    1.Music can transport you to the astral plane and make you travel the another world .
    2.Music can stir your soul, and can make tears roll down your eyes.
    3.Music makes your brain and body vibrate and give you the goose bump experience .
    4.Music boosts all your A to Z quotients of the brain and mind.
    5.Music makes your more creative.
    6.Music boosts your intuitive power.
    7.Music also has the power to heal.
    8.Listening to music makes you to not only communicate inside but it also makes you to communicate with universe.

    I also listen to music by switching my brain into Virtual Reality mode.

    I generally listen to all types of music and songs , but specifically I listen to Love and Romantic music and song . I also listen to instrumental music which not only relaxes but boosts the power of the brain and mind.

    Recently I downoaded the celtic music from you tube , I don't know in which language the singer is singing the songs but I love listening the music.
    • Jan 17 2014: Hi Sontokh,you aren't only enjoying music but also do know how use it to make you feel happier in your life.
      By the way if music really can make people's brain become cleverer?
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        Jan 18 2014: yes, it can make you cleverer, but don't you think anything can make you cleverer if you look into it with a curious mind? Even a pile of feces, no?
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    Jan 17 2014: I think it's everywhere, it's in my heart.
    • Jan 17 2014: hi Yoka,that's amazing to see a person to keep music in heart,or a person's heart is full of music:)if you can share one or two pieces with us here?Thank you.
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        Jan 18 2014: oh yes, because I like singing. So I feel music is everywhere. I think you've given the song" you raise me up" another good connotation. And at this moment I also think of the song could be" the Americans raise the Japan's army up." :)

        Just joking….:)
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    Jan 16 2014: I listen to a range of genres: alternative and indie rock,folk,jazz...etc except heavy metal.Faye Wang(lyrics are great in almost every song and favorite album would be" 浮躁" ) has always been one of my favorite since elementary school and coldplay(album "parachutes") since high school and their music somehow are blended into my memories of youth days.

    Just mention a few ( there are too many musicians I enjoy listening to):
    Alanis morissette
    Jack Johnson
    Paul Simon
    Nellie Mckay
    Natalie Merchant
    Regina Spektor

    The Beatles is great too!-"within you,without you" from album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is really nice~"Here comes the sun"is actually the song that wakes me up every morning!:D
    • Jan 17 2014: Hi Amily:),I deadly like Paul Simon's 'sound of silence'.Oh,I listened it over one thousand times,never tireless.

      I searching'Here comes the sun' to listen:)Thank you.
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      Jan 18 2014: darn, amily, i wish you got youtube, i'm looking to share a song with called "How will the wolf survive" by Los Lobos. I tried,, I can't find it. You might like it, it is a mexican-american group here in Los Angeles, "los Lobos" is spanish for "the wolves." But you might like others of their songs.
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        Jan 30 2014: Greg. Thank you for your sharing.
        The wolves survived with their drum and guitar :D I listened to their other songs too but enjoyed this one most with the lyrics and simple tune.Like I hear them and their story thru music.

        I actually can access to Youtube if I want via some agent softwares(not paid VPN). Thank you for your efforts to try baidu and;-)

        P.S I was too late to reply you in another thread.Sorry about that. Maybe another time to share I guess?
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          Jan 30 2014: yes, it's pretty music. I've had many opportunities to see Los Lobos live, Amily, but I have never gone. Do you go to any live music performances?

          When younger I was going to live music, but now I like to go to bed very early, maybe five or six in the evening, usually. This is pretty uncommon in the United States, but I like it. Then I can arise very early. When one goes to bed early it is hard to see live music, as most of the performances start in the evening and go late, until midnight or two in the morning.

          Yes, I missed you on the other conversation, but I should have alerted you that the conversation is closing as I see your pattern is to wait a while before you answer. But I enjoyed talking to you there, you are very intelligent.
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        Feb 5 2014: Hi Greg, I wish i could get on Ted more but now we are having the biggest festival here.
        Yes, I used to go to a music bar in Chengdu for live music but never a concert or music festival.
        That would be uncommon here too to go to bed that early.Are they one of your favorites? So you are saying you still would like to go for a live music but you like going to bed more?
        I enjoying talking to you too.You seem very curious about people and things around them and that's crucial to learning and thank you for your kind words.
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          Feb 5 2014: how does your TED conversations experience work, Amily? I check my email for business purposes about once a day. Then when I check it I see that I have a few emails from TED, so naturally I start responding?

          Does TED run slowly for you since you're in China? I have a friend from South Korea who went to China for a while to study Chinese language. She stopped emailing me while in China because she said Internet too slow? But then when back in Korea she is emailing me again?

          What happens at that music bar? Do Chinese people dance to music? You dance? You know that sometimes people in America dance wildly mostly at punk rock performances. They do something called slam dancing in the audience, where the audience members crash into each in time to the music. They also do something called stage diving, where the audience members climb onto the stage, then dive into the audience from the stage. Here's a video that shows a lot of stage diving: Here's one about slam dancing: Slam dancing looks pretty rough, but actually is fun but maybe only for guys, I don't know why but it is fun to run into people do you have bumper cars in China these are little vehicles at an amusement park that you can actually crash into each other at low speed. For some reason it's fun to crash into each other, do you understand why, perhaps you could explain to me?

          I haven't been to too many concerts. I've seen Bruce Springsteen, I imagine you've heard of him? I've also seen R.E.M. they're quite good, you might like their music:> They have a very extensive video tab on their site, one video I like is "Everybody Hurts": Another of their songs that is good is "South Central Rain"
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          Feb 5 2014: I suppose Los Lobos is a favorite although it's not as high energy as punk rock. But yeah, I really like going to bed early, well, if I go to a concert that goes until midnight or two in the morning as the evening wears on I don't feel that fresh or natural, plus music is enjoyable but just listening for several hours straight can be a little boring, or do you disagree? But also I don't like getting myself home after the concert but recently I learned of an auditorium in my hometown that's in walking distance of my home so I can go to concerts there even though they are not the most famous groups.

          Lately I've been going to some dance performances, those don't go as late and watching artistic dancers can be very enjoyable.

          By the way, I like your profile photo. The light blue at the top is your eyes, right? The dark thin line in the middle is your nose, and then dark blue at bottom mouth?
  • Feb 10 2014: "Pure Imagination" by Gene Wilder AKA Willy Wonka
    "If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There's nothing to it..." great song!
  • Feb 1 2014: This is euromidan in Kiev.
    The video is called " Extremist fall greedily to the piano "
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    • Jan 20 2014: Hi Brendan,I searched "The Moon is a harsh Mistress" from by Jimmy Webb,very magnetic singing from Jimmy Webb.Thank you for the sharing.
  • Jan 19 2014: Here I want to recommend another one of my favorite song:传奇 by 王菲。english version is:Fairy Tale by Michael Learns to Rock.Here is English version link:
    Chinese by WangFei:

    If you can't access the link,I will try to find others to share here.Enjoying
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    Jan 17 2014: I was really impressed to listen "You raise me up" by Secret Garden.
    • Jan 17 2014: Hi Shiori,you don't know how much I love the song:You raise me up:).And more than that I recommended it to my students when I have theme teaching which was about Love from mom.I planed to have a students' performance which focused on showing how deeply love from mom for us.It was a few years ago,but the teaching still impressed me a lot,just because one of my naughty boy student who sang the song:You raise me up' in the performance,he really did extremely good in the performance,we teachers,all students(It was about four hundreds students in our school reporting hall)thunderous clap for him.oh,that naughty boy,studying in one of universities in China or got a job already?
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        Jan 17 2014: Oh that`s wonderful ! If I were your student, I would enjoy the theme teaching. I know that many famous singers sing this. I also recommend "You raise me up" by Celtic Woman to you. Their voices are really beautiful... You can be sure that the student realized love from their mom, because he sung it himself in front of many students !
        • Jan 18 2014: :)Thanks for saying that.And thanks for 'You raise me up' by Celtic Woman,I searched it from internet and listent,that's good,but I still prefer Secrect garden's singing more.

          I am the most prefer Westlife'You raise me up'.
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    Jan 16 2014: I like symphony of science a lot. I also like to listen to classical music while I am sleeping. It makes me wake up in a better mood. I don't know if there are studies done as to why that might be, but as it is it does. I also get into Jazz. All though I love all of these, I do like folk music, and alternative as well.
    • Jan 16 2014: Hi Hannah,how about Bandari's?it seems we think alike about music.I like to listen to'sleepsong by Secret Garden when I feel tired,for Jazz,I like listening slow Jazz.

      Mentioning about folk music,I like Chinese folk music very much:二胡is my the most favorite.Did you hear "二泉映月“?‘The moon over a Fountain'.I even can sing it's tune freely,so releasing...
  • Jan 16 2014: Mozart's Requim
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    Jan 15 2014: well, I do sometimes return to the Beatles, edulover. I would imagine the Beatles are popular in China? Sometimes I listen to interviews with the Beatles rather than the songs, because the interviews where the Beatles are talking tell me something about the people behind the music. Lately I started watching a movie the Beatles made toward the end of their career called "Let it Be," here it is on YouTube: Before I avoided this movie because a lot of people say that this was toward the end of their career and the Beatles were unhappy with each other and their career, so the movie is unhappy. But now I want to see it because it will show me another face of the Beatles. I was also watching a movie that Yoko Ono, the wife of John Lennon, posted on her YouTube channel. It is about an event that John and Yoko did after they were just married. They rented a hotel room in Montreal, and they lay in bed for seven days straight, and they allowed any reporter to come in and talk to them about anything, but they did it all in the name of peace, their idea was to promote the cause of peace. But can you see YouTube where you are, I'm told you can get something called VPN in China and see YouTube legally. Here's a link to the bed peace movie that's not YouTube, let me know if you can watch it

    By the way, edu, where or what is gi-lz, china, which you say is where you live?
    • Jan 16 2014: Hi greg:),oh The Beatles?'Let it be,it has been quite popular in China since I was a student.'Let it be' the lyrics impressed me a lot:let it be let it be yea...let it be,the lyrics resonate around my head.Yes,The Beatles impressed me a lot:),Thanks for the sharing.

      Heheehhe,Gl-Lz means two cities in China I live in often.Gl means GuiLin,Lz means LiuZhou.

      Sorry isn't legal yet in China.Thanks for the way you told me to visite it .But you know I am an Information Technology teacher in Middle School.I often suggest students visite legal websites online.So I would like myself to obey the rule.I believe good things always have way to share,maybe you can find others websites I can access legal in China to share with me:)
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        Jan 16 2014: so I was talking with some people under a certain TED talk, Edulover, and they are saying you can use VPN to access YouTube legally in China, they say anyone can buy VPN and it is not too expensive, about 75 U.S. dollars, which is about 454 Chinese Yuan. Here is the link, you can scroll down a little ways where you see my picture and you will see several replies, I believe one or two from Joan Wong and other people that talk about this topic:
        Well, the Let it Be movie is about one hour and twenty minutes long, I believe it is a record of some of what happened in the recording studio when the Beatles were making an album called Let it Be, which was one of their last albums. So it's not just the song Let it Be, the album would have had 11 or 12 songs on it. You can try this link for the movie:

        "Bed Peace" is the other movie, with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Here is a link:

        How do you search for videos, edulover? If my links don't work, you can also try to see them however you search for videos, you could try search term something like "Let it Be Beatles" if you find a movie about an hour and 20 minutes long it is the correct one. You can try "Bed Peace starring John Lennon and Yoko Ono," if you find one about an hour and 10 minutes long, it is the right one.
    • Jan 17 2014: Hi Dear greg,when I tried another links you shared with us ,you know I was praying:cross my fingers for that:),too bad,they aren't available for me too.But I do want to keep gratitude for u to try to share beautiful pieces of music with us.

      I search videos from,, websites:).
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        Jan 17 2014: okay, edulover here is the "Let it Be" movie, which I got to through

        Here is the Bed Peace movie, which I also got to through

        Can you see these? Tell me what you think. On the second one at some times you hear a woman making a continuous whining noise, I think that is Yoko Ono's music and Yoko singing.
        • Jan 18 2014: hi Dear greg,thank you very much for your considerate sharing:).I did enjoy watching both of The Beatles films.

          I think we should keep gratitude for The Beatles had done a lot for us,meanwhile I would like to say:music gave The Beatles the most space to express their talents.So let's cheers up for the art music we people have another way to enjoy our lives.

          Yes,I guessed that was Yoko Ono's music and Yoko's singing...
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        Jan 18 2014: thanks, ed. but it sounds like they did not grab you as much as they grab me, since you only say a little bit about them. Is there a certain culture in China that makes a certain kind of music popular, what is the culture, what is the music? Possibly the Beatles do not fit that kind of music? I wonder why some people consider a certain music brilliant and others do not?

        I really don't know if I'm thankful for music separate from the people who make it, I'm more thankful for the people who make it, and also animals, animals make music too?

        How much do you listen to music? Do you live in an apartment? Is it ever a problem to listen to music in an apartment, are you ever afraid you might be bothering your neighbors?
        • Jan 19 2014: Hi Dear greg:)Yes,I understand what you meant'they didn't grab you as much as they grab me:).maybe because of different background education or I didn't express all my feelings and understanding of the films when I watched them here.To be honest,I was very touched by the two films.I do very much agree their idea:we human should grow natrually but so much stigma,political,dogma as well.The Beatles did use their ways to enlighten us to be aware of the better world.

          But on the contrary,I don't like to strong against political...because I think it is a bias of understanding things,I would like myself to keep critical thinking meanwhile to get into understanding and balance as well as accept whatever are on going in reality.I can sense that from the bed peace movie,that's great,espeically from Yoko's talking:keep travelling,that's a big change we can experience.Her point is really great.
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        Jan 19 2014: thanks ed. well, really, only one of the two films has much music, but the Bed Peace one feels like music to me even though it doesn't have much music in it, there's something very exciting about lying in bed to fight for a cause, that idea for me has the freedom and creativity of rock music even if it doesn't have much actual music. Now you didn't enjoy the music in the Let It Be movie, if you did not you can say it, my feelings will not be hurt. I do have the impression that the Beatles aren't that popular in China, I was surfing the web looking for Beatles sales figures in China, so far I cannot find the sales figures, they are difficult to find. I am going to research it some more, I believe I will ask a librarian for help the next time I visit a public library.

        You're saying the Beatles said "we human should grow naturally but so much stigma, political, dogma as well." I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean here, edu, could you say more?

        What was Yoko's point about traveling, I have forgotten.

        Okay, here is a current song I like:
        This song makes me feel like dancing. Does it have that effect on you? You know, you can dance while you sit in your chair at your computer, just roll your stomach, move your shoulders, and so on.
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        Jan 19 2014: here is another current song I like this one is about a girl who is very plain-looking. She hears a noisy party next door and she goes to complain about the noise. But when she gets to the party they give her a makeover, improve her hair and makeup and clothes, and then she stays and enjoys the party. When the video begins, we are seeing her on the morning after the party and she is remembering what happened the night before. This one also makes me feel like dancing, so I am dancing in my chair as I watch it on the computer.
        • Jan 19 2014: LoL,fantastic,dear greg,you could join in the party too.I am too old to dance in that way.Thank you for the sharing.
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        Jan 19 2014: well, I'm pretty old myself, 53. But to me it's more whether you enjoy the dancing than how many years you are. Do you dance? What sort of dance do you do?

        You seem very nice, I think you would be fun at a party?

        Well, I'm afraid you have opened the floodgates for me, as I am a big music fan. So here is another one of Katy's videos, this one shows many items made of candy, in the past I believe Katy enjoyed candy, but I don't know if she still does. There is a popular game for children in the U.S. called "Candyland," the players move their pieces around on a board with many pictures of candy, I think some scenes in the video make a reference to that game?

        I'm still kind of curious about the Beatles, edulover. You know that when the Beatles first became popular, there was something called "Beatlemania"? This meant that when the Beatles appeared on the street, and girls saw them, the girls would start chasing them to get close to them and talk to them and be around them. I think this was happening in the United States, and maybe in other countries, too. Then when the Beatles performed, there would be so many girls in the audience, and they would all scream so much that no one could hear the music, the Beatles themselves could not hear the music they were playing. Some of the girls were so excited they would urinate accidentally. But I don't know if Chinese women could ever get that excited. We have a notion that Chinese women are pretty restrained, do you think it is accurate?
        • Jan 20 2014: LOL,thanks for the sharing,greg.That's great to see your energy is as young as a boy:)

          Um,I don't know what others Chinese women do,but I think I am a very traditional woman,pretty restrained.So for me I think you are exactly accurate:).
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        Jan 20 2014: well, I like dancing because it is a fun way to move and exercise, edulover. I don't like to lift weights or go out for a run, but dancing is pleasant to me as a way to increase my coordination and burn some calories. Now why don't you know what other Chinese women do? You grew up in China, or somewhere else? Now are there nightclubs in China, do the young people go to the nightclubs and dance when they are in high school and college, you didn't do that back in the day? What do you do for exercise?

        Okay, here's another song I like, this is by the Velvet Underground, an American band in the late 1960's based in New York City: For this one, there is no video because they didn't make videos that much in the 1960's.

        Here's another one, this comes from Social Distortion, a rock group in Orange County, about 50 miles south of where I live:

        Here's another one, this is by the Plimsouls, they were a band in Los Angeles during the 1980's. I live in Glendale, which is a city on the edge of Los Angeles:

        I'm sorry, the focus isn't perfect on these, edulover. If I could get you YouTube they would have better focus.

        I really don't know why I like a certain song. Usually it has an interesting lyrical idea. And it sounds pretty but a little hard. But there's also a certain "purity" I hear in certain songs that I like, the song is coming through very simply and plainly, there's no block.
        • Jan 21 2014: Thanks greg:),I tried to open the link you shared here,unfortunately they all failed,Maybe I will try them other time.

          I do dance a bit,sometimes just for fun:).usually I do hiking,walking,cycling,as well as meditation to do exercise.I like shopping in vegetables supermarket in the morning,because I like to talk to those local farmers,but of course I just do it on weekend morning.
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        Jan 20 2014: this one is a very famous video in the United States, it started a whole musical movement called grunge. This is set in a high school auditorium. One thing you can notice is that they are showing female cheerleaders, but the cheerleaders are not as beautiful as cheerleaders usually are. Here the rock band was trying to make a statement, that we should not be so obsessed with beauty in women:
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        Jan 21 2014: oh, shoot, edulover, I thought these links would work because I got to all of them through You say you'll try them another time, what does that mean, I thought if they did not work the first time, they probably would never work?

        When you dance, where or how do you dance? Where do you hike? Do you keep a bicycle, or do you live in an apartment? How does one do meditation for exercise?
        • Jan 21 2014: Hi Dear greg,from the links I should can open them all,this time I tried them all,the first and the second one I got them all,but the one is by the Plimsouls and the last one I still can't access them.They are good,thanks:).

          I sometimes go to join in groups dancing in the city's square.You know there are lots of people are crazy about dancing and singing,they keep them everyday morning and evening in the city's square or parks.Sometimes I just go to watch them dancing beside.

          yes,I keep a bicycle,a very small one,it looks flexible,I ride it to work too,it attracts students and teachers:they came to see my small bicycle and said:oh,how flexible and small.Sometimes I heard my students said:look,our teacher ride such a small bicycle,how lovely,I made monkey face to them.

          About meditation:I just keep very traditional way to do it:sit quiet and breath in and out peaceful a half hour.
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        Jan 21 2014: yes, those are songs I like, edulover. Did you give me any links to songs you like? Why did you start this conversation, did you not have enough songs already?

        When these people sing and dance in the square, is there music they are listening to? Where does the music come from? What sort of music is it?

        Do the students really think it is lovely that you ride a small bicycle? Or do you think they think something different? What do you think they really think?
        • Jan 21 2014: LoL,Yes,I like you guys come to share yours with us here,I think sharing is never enough,It is me an Information Technology teacher Like the most:).
          I like most of 邓丽君's songs,she the most sweet singers in Chinese people's mind,she is a Taiwanese.Unfortunately she passed away a few year ago.

          And I like the most the first English song I learned from English teacher:Five hundreds milesoh,I have no idea if those students and teachers like me or the small bicycle or they felt very funny when they saw me cycling such a small bike:),infact it is donated by my little Nephew:)Because I told him I want to do exercise by cycling.Here Chinese new year is coming,I will give him a big red package for his generous'Donation':).
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        Jan 22 2014: Hmm, I am on a computer at the public library, edulover. When I go to that link, I see many of her songs but I can't translate the page so I know how to play a song?

        Yes, five hundred miles is nice. I actually heard that song performed live right here at the library in the auditorium, I went to a performance by a folk-music group. Are there any Chinese songs that sound like five hundred miles, or what really is the sound of Chinese folk music?

        Do people in China use computer at public library? At this public library we have about 80 computers for public use, you have to sign up to use them, any patron gets two hours total a day.

        Yes, I liked bikes when I was young, but now I dislike. What keeps you from getting flat tire? You don't like to walk to work?
        • Jan 23 2014: Here are some of my favorite songs from her,maybe you can search yourself:
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        Jan 23 2014: thank you, edulover. I was able to watch a couple of her videos today. What would her name be in English? It's a bit hard for me to evaluate because I cannot understand the lyrics. What language is she singing in? Do you tend to like faster songs, or slower ones? She makes me think of a singer named Olivia Newton-John who perhaps is Australian, are you aware of Olivia Newton-John?
        • Jan 24 2014: Hi greg,Olivia Newton-John?I searched some information about her singing,maybe I heard her songs but I just didn't know that was her:),because I seldom remember foreigner's names,but I do enjoy listen lots of English songs come from foreign singers."take me home ,country road".It is one of my favorite songs too.

          I think you don't know Chinese,but you do can sense sth from her singing.You are exactly right,Olivia Newton-John and 邓丽君 they two are a bit similar.I don't know if 邓丽君 had English name or not.I am not sure if I like faster songs or slower's.Because I listen music and songs totally by feelings.I am not anyone singers fan,when I get some cup of my tea music or song,I just enjoy them,appreciate them,learn sth from them,keep gratitude in my heart for them.

          The first song means a girl loves a man very much,but the girl worries the man doesn't understand her love deeply,or when the man leaves her,she tries to remind him to remember her love and don't be attracted by others women(here in the song:wild flower means others women:))

          The second song means:A girl aparted her beloved and addicted to drinking to express the hurt and sadness from the love she once had.

          You know 邓丽君 is one of the most sweet singer in China,she has been well-known and been popular amond little chidren,young people,old people,because her singings are very sweet and amiable to comfort our lives.
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        Jan 24 2014: well, when I was a kid Olivia Newton-John had a couple of hits on the radio. They were rather nice. I think if I heard them today they would feel a little slow. It seems to me that sometimes even if a singer is singing physically slowly, they have a "fast attitude," that's the kind of slow song I like, where it's a slow song but it has a quick wit.

        I remember once I wrote a slow song that I liked. Now here in America, edulover, you don't first record a song with a full band or orchestra. First you record something called a "demo," which is short for demonstration, it is a much simpler version of the same song. You do it so you can see what the song sounds like, see what its strengths and weaknesses are, before you hire a full band and have to pay them a lot of money by the hour. So I found a producer who said he would help me make a demo of my song. I went to his apartment and played my song for him on his organ and sang it. He said it was a good song, he would help me make a demo for about $200 (1,000 Chinese Yuan.) But he said if I could write a fast song, it would have a better chance, because it is the fast songs that really sell the most.
        • Jan 25 2014: I see,greg,you are doing a very interesting thing,keep on:)
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        Jan 25 2014: no, edulover, I sort of got out of the music world. I eventually decided that for me, I like music, but too often music is abused. Since I've always been single, I've always been living in apartments, and the problem is that people play music in their apartment and the noise comes into your apartment and disturbs your life. I don't want to contribute to that, so I won't make music.

        But one thing I noticed is that I usually like the faster songs. You haven't decided yet which one you prefer, fast or slow?
        • Jan 26 2014: :)Sometimes I prefer fast songs and music,and sometimes I prefer slow songs and music.Chinese classical music:
          all are famous classical Chinese folks music,some of them are slow and soft,some of them are high and joyful.
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        Jan 26 2014: thanks, ed. quite nice songs. I think maybe chinese music is not well-known in United States. Do you think China is withdrawn from the world?

        Here in the United States we have "hillbilly." These are people who live in the hills and mountains and raise most of their own food. Maybe they aren't that well-educated. Some say they practice incest because they live in the hills away from most people. But they have their own music which is a little like folk music:

        I wonder if my producer was correct, that fast songs sell better? What do you think, what gets played on the radio more in China?
        • Jan 27 2014: Sorry,greg,i don't know what songs sell better in China.I seldom listened to Radio .
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        Jan 29 2014: well, edulover, when I was looking on the internet they said fast songs make a person feel cheerful, and slow songs make them feel dreamy. Probably I prefer to feel cheerful, do you have any preference?

        I'm still interested in how well the Beatles sell in China. I just sent an email to sino-chart to see if they can tell me: Do you ever look at sino-chart?
        • Jan 30 2014: Hi greg,yes,when you listen to fast songs,to some extent,they can help you to be cheerful.But I prefere more to get some resonate feeling in music listening.So most of time,when I listen to blue music,I sometimes imagine some ZigZag stories from the music,they can give me chance to experience some things I haven't been to...that for,I keep gratitude in my mind for the music,totally thankful...

          Thanks for the website sino-chart sharing.It is my first time to visite the website,thank you.
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        Jan 30 2014: What's a ZigZag story, edulover? Do you ever write your stories down?
        • Feb 9 2014: Hi Dear greg:),No I seldom wrote those stories I made when I listened to those music I like:)
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        Feb 9 2014: well, maybe you should, edulover. Who knows, maybe you could sell the stories and make more money, it could be fun and you could learn about the publishing industry and become more famous? I believe when I listen to music I also picture the story the lyrics are telling.

        I did hear back from sino-chart, edulover, here is a copy:

        Thank you for your inquiry,
        According to our Official Seal Management Policy,
        we can not disclose details of album sales,
        We are sorry for we can NOT tell you sales date,

        Sino Chart was founded in 2009,and Beatles did not release any album
        after 2008.

        Yun Tang

        在 2014-01-29 17:55,Greg Dahlen 写道:

        But I don't know what he is talking about, if I look at the Wikipedia entry on the Beatles album releases, you can see they have 11 releases from 2009 up to the present:

        It's not that I'm obsessed with the Beatles, edulover. But it is nice music, I have the impression it doesn't sell well in China, and I wonder why.

        Actually, your conversation here on TED played a part in another music conversation I was having. There's a site called (you can listen to music there at>). I was having trouble getting the music, so I was corresponding with the owner, and I mentioned your story. He was saying maybe you could start the Beijing Grand Ole Opry. Now he was being half serious/half humorous, I just mention it to you as another idea. The Grand Ole Opry is a radio show that originates from a particular auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, it only features country music, country music is music from American rural society that tells the stories of people in the more rural areas, farmers and related occupations. Hillbillies are somewhat in this category. So he is saying maybe you could promote Chinese "country music."