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what are the traits of a successful leader?

What in your opinion are the qualities of a successful leader ?
would you mention an example of a living leader who may have this , and achieved great outcome ?


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    Jan 14 2014: Define successful leader ... you later add great outcomes ... Hitler meets both of these.

    Time, circumstance, and (as Scott said) enough sheep in the corral.

    Jim Jones got people to knowingly line up and drink poison ... now that is leadership.

    Would you consider Omar Kadafi a successful leader? It really makes no difference if the administration was good or bad ... was it a success?

    Would you rate the Obama administration as a success ... it got Obamacare instilled but at great costs and many lies. More problems are coming forth each day ... we are 16 trillion in debit ... economically in peril ... no diplomacy ... and a laughing stock in the world ... but he got a social program approved ... is he successful?

    Most successes are dictators ... or socialist / communist heads of state ... by most measures they are successful in rising to the top ... they have great outcomes .... Stalin is a great man in history / Hitler / Idi Amin / etc ...

    We would really have to limit the term success to eliminate the evil doers of the world.

    Again ... time ... circumstances ... good bull shiter .... and enough sheep in the corral.

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