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what are the traits of a successful leader?

What in your opinion are the qualities of a successful leader ?
would you mention an example of a living leader who may have this , and achieved great outcome ?


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    Jan 14 2014: having people willing to be followers..
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      Jan 14 2014: well , I don't think that would make a great leader , if he is unwise in his leadership , his followers won't last for long !
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        Jan 14 2014: a great leader is one who uses whatever is in their power to inspire a following - which is why so many "great" leaders are dictators.

        a great PERSON has no desire to lead others. just as a great person has no desire to follow.

        while people can set good examples or have clever ideas or a sharp turn of phrase, none of those things are reason to follow a person.

        "don't follow leaders" - Bob Dylan.
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      Jan 14 2014: "Derek Sivers: How to start a movement"

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        Jan 14 2014: he keeps talking about "having guts". it looks more like it's about "having drugs" which , of course, is the short-cut to courage.

        it wouldn't be the first time a group of people followed an addict..

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