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Should TED be more discerning?

TED would appear to have the aim of disseminating scientific ideas in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design, and also promoting conversations about these issues.

One of the rules of conversations on TED is to avoid 'pseudo science' which would seem to reinforce the idea that TED has the aim of promoting scientific principles and scientific discussion.

Keeping this in mind, is TED breaking it's own 'rules' by promoting speakers such as 'Pastor' Rick Warren, 'His Holiness' the Karmapa, etc.? Should TED be more discerning about who it invites to speak?


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    Jan 17 2014: You should not be afraid to listen even if you don't like the speaker or topic. Just don't listen to the topic if it does not fit your fancy.
    • Jan 17 2014: I understand your point, but does that mean that all ideas should be treated equally, however erroneous or ridiculous, and it's up to the audience to choose what's right or wrong? I can see some problems with this method of filtering.

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