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What are the best TED talks I should watch?

what are the best talks I should watch , that would help me with my life and education !!

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    Jan 13 2014: What are you studying?

    I advice watching them all, few have done that but I assure you that it's worth it.

    So in the future instead of watching a movie, watch 5-8 TED Talks.

    I don't like to rank all of these amazing Talks, but one that really got to me and has changed my life is "Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability"

    But you should just choose yourself, none can do that for you. And if you listen closely there is something to learn from EVERY Talk, no matter if you agree or disagree.
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    Jan 14 2014: That's for you to decide! Explore. Just dive in.
  • Jan 14 2014: That's really up to your specific interests. I love them all but some of my friends that happen to be science majors tend to watch the science related TED talks but that's just them.

    I would recommend any of the playlists.