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How likely is it that China will go to war as a solution to their current and future economic problems?

Countries often use war as a diversion to their economic problems?


Closing Statement from pat gilbert

The consensus is that China will not go to war.

Not sure how predictable this subject is though.

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    Jan 14 2014: I come from a country that has been involved with a war with China, though China's stand was that it was an extensive border skirmish. It was a heavy toll for India but at least people could see how weak Nehru's leadership was.

    Despite that history, I think Chinese people and hope ultimately Chinese government have enough prudence not to get into any war unless of course there is a sad turn of history. I do not believe China will start a war unprovoked, it's certainly not in the best interest of that country.

    As far as Chinese people and their culture are concerned, they are the most resilient I have ever come across.
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      Jan 14 2014: Yes but if they decide to go to war they will create the provocation. The US did this in Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonken, James K. Polk did this over some disputed land in Texas, Lincoln did this at Fort Sumter.

      They do something to provoke the enemy to do something that gives them an excuse to start the war.

      BTW the history books are fairy tales here in the US.
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        Jan 14 2014: I can understand what you are getting at. But let me try to give you a different perspective.
        As much I have read history, particularly those of war, I noticed that most wars (almost without exceptions) resulted from a number of people or very small group who could successfully highjack the sentiments and rationality of vast majority of people to be replaced with, in absence of a better word, shit.
        The earlier you go in history, the more honest this highjacking. As we approach modern times or present day, trickier and more conceited it gets. Ideas like nationalism, homeland security, religious bigotry thinly veiled in politics start to cloud things. But essentially we find only a a very small number of people pushing the button. It's never one country vs. another.

        China is comparatively free from religious bigotry, racial/national schizophrenia and it is on a winning trail already. Unless some greedy dumb-ass highjacks the good spirit, it is not going to be provoked so easily, certainly not as easily as the US.
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          Jan 14 2014: "But essentially we find only a a very small number of people pushing the button. It's never one country vs. another."

          Can you give some examples?

          What country are you in?
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        Jan 14 2014: I live in India. I think it will be more interesting if you can mention one war where a whole country of people started a war against another whole country of people.
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        Jan 14 2014: Just one or two.

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