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How likely is it that China will go to war as a solution to their current and future economic problems?

Countries often use war as a diversion to their economic problems?


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The consensus is that China will not go to war.

Not sure how predictable this subject is though.

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    Jan 13 2014: I don't think China will go to war for economic reasons. They already have an economic and economic finger in a very big pie the world over. As far as resources go, they have donated billions into resource rich Africa and have strong trade partnerships with those nations.

    If they do go to war it will be more due to national pride. There is currently strong disagreements with Indonesia and Japan over disputed islands. They are still also very sour over Japans invasion of China in the second world war. I doubt that they will do anything though. They shy away from war situations and they are to involved with the US financially to take on one of it's allies. The US owes China trillions and it is in China's best interest to keep relations on good terms.

    The only war I see coming from China is North Korea. Although China is North Korea's closest ally, North Korea under Kim Jon Un has been testing diplomacy by detonating a Nuclear bomb, sending up long range missiles and the execution of Un's uncle recently who had close diplomatic relations with China. I think that Un is more of a barking dog and will not go too far, but should he, China will definitely get involved, probably in alliance with the US and Russia. It will take alot though to get to that point. Syria and Libya case in point.

    That said, it is not in China's best interest to go to war, they are doing very well on the world stage. It would take a very new world scenario for it to reach that level- new players in governments both in China and potential conflict countries. If the day does come though, they have an extremely powerful and competent army.

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