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Who is the greatest all-time TV character?

TV has been around for nearly 100 years. Who is the greatest ever TV character, in your opinion.

And why..?


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    R H 20+

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    Jan 14 2014: My favorites were MacGyver - he taught us to be resourceful, and Gomez Addams - he knew how to live and love. ;) ...then of course there's Rocket J Squirrel, Freddie the Freeloader, Finn the human, Johnny Carson ... But probably the greatest and most abiding was Capt Kirk.
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      Jan 14 2014: good call on the Mac. my boys are into Adventure Time and I was mildly surprised to discover that I quite like it. C. Kirk was a beacon for the human race in space.
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      Feb 13 2014: I wish I could agree but the guy makes everything seem so darn easy
      the mac could most probably break out a Maximum security prison with nothing less then a sponge :)

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