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What if a very poor person has a special talent - how possibly can we HELP him/her become he/she deserves?

If a very poor person has a hidden special talent but we give him/her $1 everyday, do we really HELP this person to become what he/she should be? or are we, based on that kind of $1 charity, turning this person into a common perpetual beggar?

Does our usual charity work as a doctor's pill which only prolongs suffering, but does not cure?

In spite the hired by charities loud speakers who do not really understand the very problem that Creates poverties we often give our donations not to really help but to prolong the misery of millions.

Before we're ready to HELP we need to thoughtfully learn HOW can we help desperate people ---- HELP THEMSELVES.

It is well known throughout history, a telanted artist is often struggling left outside of any kinds of charities. People do not know that he/she exists.

But if we talk about other cases: nature's and economic disaster, great lack of knowledge and working experience, violence, manmade systems and dictatorship crises, the help is only very temporary or just useless.

How shall we learn to create SUSTAINABILITY within one's personal life, within the neighborhood, and hopefully within the society?

RON FINLEY, artists and very unusual gardener , I think he is one of the most impressive examples how one person can help himself and get others involved in the process

  • Jan 20 2014: I had a good friend offer a labor of love. He helped me and taught me how to do my own home repair. Being able to stay productive while unemployed is key to maintaining the will to keep fighting to regain some semblance of a life. Feeling isolated can lead to feeling useless. I want to pay it forward and have an idea. I too have run out of resources, family, and even friends. The unemployed were once a healthy working class. We need each other as allies but we are scattered and invisible. Forming alliances to pick ourselves up from within and finding momentum, through what ever way we can each contribute is a start. I just do not know anyone to start anything with! I'm very isolated and don't even know anyone who is struggling in the way that I am. No one I know understands...I want to help myself and others start something so please reach out to me! Thank you, Liz Danya
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      Jan 21 2014: Thank you for your post. Liz.

      Please let me know how would like to see your near future, what would be your highest
      goal to reach?
  • Jan 19 2014: Create opportunities for people with such gifts not dependent on financial status.
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      Jan 19 2014: I believe you, and myself, are thinking in the same direction. I might only imagine how a thoughtful teacher (a such person did not exist in my life) and a peaceful place where I could be able to use paints and brushes, would change my whole life.. A gifted child needs encouragement and support, and most importantly, it needs to be recognized as a Special Person who is expected to deliver something important to the society.

      The access to classical literature, philosophy and history is crucial. Otherwise we will be "inventing" the same things over and over again as often as we do this in our postmodern culture.

      It would be great if a child or an adult who has abilities to produce something different and new, learns about basic ethics, for instance, about a personal responsibility to do the best in return for the support he/she gets.

      Speaking about Practical implementation , perhaps, every respectable institution should try to create and sponsor a nursery Outside its thick walls, to grow new sprouts of ideas and hopes.

      The greatest discoveries have been made Outside the established institutions.
      • Jan 19 2014: There is an expression " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" that alludes to the inner strength possessed by people who have overcome adversity. While I think the ideal experience of a thoughtful teacher, a peaceful place, and the opportunity to display and cultivate a talent is something that would help a gifted child, an artist might be able to draw on past experiences, good and bad, for inspiration.

        Reading the Harvard classics, being well versed in all the arts, and becoming aware of the techniques of various art forms would no doubt expand the intellect of the artist and hone the skills of the artist.

        As an adult volunteer, I spent a great deal of time trying to provide opportunities for all children, gifted or not. Being identified as gifted carries a bit of a stigma as the expectations are higher and the pressure is on to pressure children to fully develop their potential. On the other side of the coin, not being identified as gifted might impact a child's self-esteem. Identifying a gifted child is a challenge. Not all gifts are apparent at the same age. Once identified, handling and mentoring gifted children is also a challenge. The emphasis in public education is to get all the students to the point where they can succeed as adults, so while there are some gifted opportunities, these students are not the focus of the school system. From the perspective of the adults, if we provide all the opportunities we can provide, then the self-motivated and gifted (you need to be both) should have an opportunity to showcase their talents. As a parent, I tried to teach my children a wide breadth of skills, share as many experiences as possible, and teach them how to teach themselves. I also stressed the importance of work ethic and making opportunities for yourself.

        Your source of creativity becomes the breadth of you knowledge and experiences, coupled with your ability to cross-pollenate ideas from one area to another.
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      Jan 21 2014: Love your post.
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    R H

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    Jan 14 2014: Wow. Huge topic! How to 'help' people escape poverty. There's just so much to it. But I guess (with extremely large strokes) charity only works in the short-run, not the long. Communism has failed, and democratic market capitalism is the most successful economic (I assume when you say 'poor' you mean economically) incentive system to date that gives anybody/everybody the opportunity to 'pull themselves' up. So provide (read: convince) 'people' to adopt this structure and this will provide the 'sustainability' for prosperity - in my opinion.
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      Jan 14 2014: R H thank you. This is a great beginning for a daring conversation. I'm wondering where we can begin to understand this - we are not identical units which can be played as units in math, put into equations and formulas. But we are played by our gigantic social and industrial systems as such units.

      And I do too, think that the problems are brewing in recycling economic and political strategies, whether they want to "feed" us, entertain or provide with charities (as units as well). This means it is our very own , over - industrialized society deprives people of their personal nature's given special abilities, and therefore initiative, choices to develop the best within and without. In stead we have overwhelmed, psychotic cases, crime and mental illness coming out of great emotional depression.

      As individuals we all must compete with colossal brainless machinery of the social structures. Classical concept of capitalism become socialistic, as it takes its production-distribution under its powerful control.

      In spite what I wrote above it's laughable how weak this industrial power can be in real life - if the majority of individuals begin to create their own sustainability, say within their neighborhoods, small communities, schools, small businesses. .

      Unfortunately Our western world have forgotten how to create sustainability, because in this case we need our own local bakers, shoe-makers, teachers and thoughtful doctors-general practitioners. People forgot how to notice each other, realize that her brother or his neighbor can write a song, or invent a new solar motor.

      Our systems suppress the most precious abilities and talents allowing only what the systems dictate is "useful" for the systems.
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    Feb 5 2014: "I wish someone would one day attempt a tragic history of literature, showing how the various nations which now take their highest pride in the great writers and artists they can show treated them while they were alive. In such a history, the author would bring visibly before us that endless struggle which the good and genuine of all ages and all lands has to endure against the always dominant bad and wrong-headed: depict the martyrdom of almost every genuine enlightener of mankind, almost every great master of every art: show us how, with a few exceptions, they lived tormented lives in poverty and wretchedness, without recognition, without sympathy, without disciples, while fame, honor and riches went to the unworthy."
    Paragraph 18 - "Essays and Aphorisms" Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)..
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    Feb 5 2014: I have started an innovative program/Contests to encourage and support non-commercial original thought, as well as to develop and establish real values for the unknown and unique. I believe that the soul of originality now is hidden and not easy to find in our commercial world immersed in mass production and false values.

    Our obligation is to search for this very soul of originality and give it a chance to become a soul of our cultural future.

    We have been publishing the most original works in the Fine Art Magazine for years (purchasing a full page for the artists), and keep introducing unknown art work of the talented struggling artists (from America, Europe Australia. China, Japan and other countries) to public-in-large.
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    Jan 15 2014: "Ever since the French revolution there has developed a vicious, cretinizing tendency to consider a genius (apart from his work) as a human being more or less the same in every sense as other ordinary mortals. This is wrong. And if this is wrong for me, the genius of the greatest spiritual order or our day, a true modern genius, it is even more wrong when applied to those who incarnated the almost divine genius of the Renaissance, such as Raphael."

    Salvador Dali
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    Jan 15 2014: Just give people the money, contradicting to what many think it helps the most!

    This is a really good article on what happens when you just give people money.
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      Jan 15 2014: Well, of course, how much though? If it's enough to buy just some food it would not be enough to buy paints and brushes.
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        Jan 15 2014: Give them/us enough to have a basic level of dignified survival. In the US I think that $1500 monthly would do the trick. Here in Sweden $2000 would be probably be needed.
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          Jan 16 2014: I'm thinking about how very small communities/neoghborhoods might help. Some "clubs' created by volunteers are inviting young musicians to demonstrate what they can do. The club I know, near NY City, has members who donate in prizes for the most skillful teens. This club effectively helps some kids with money to go to music schools or join competitions.

          Why small communities? Because people get to know each other face-to-face and the donations are getting paid directly to the person.

          The more small "clubs" of that sort we put together the more chances for the gifted individuals to survive , and maybe even to create, without great desperation.

          Thank you Jimmy.

          P.S. I was growing up in poverty and know how desperate I was. We had to sell our piano, I could not buy paints - moreover, I was too shy to ask for help..even in my art school… governmental systems are too large, and they are deaf and blind towards individuals.