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Alcohol in the united states creating a temporary group of second class citizens?

In the US, while one may vote upon their 18th birthday, that same body may not drink alchohol.
This creates a group of second class citizens and while you won't be in the category for every, that category will always exist.
Should we make laws like switzerland that let you drink beer at 16 and hard liquor at 18?
Is our culture ready?


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    Apr 23 2011: I think that maintaining the age for drinking is one of the few services that we actually do for our kids in this era. Brains and bodies need time to mature before they are exposed to the deleterious effects of poisons.
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      Apr 23 2011: according to my LD debate research, the teenage brain and the adult brain are essentially identical in capability and development
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        Apr 23 2011: This is absolutely untrue. My studies in neuroscience indicate that the brain- particularly the prefrontal lobes where emotions and facts are integrated continue to grow well into the 20s when proper nutrition and experience are available. I am not sure where you got that information but it is erroneous.
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      Apr 23 2011: ten dollars says there is reasearch somewere that proves a lower drinking age results in less adulthood addiction and fewer binge drinking death.

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