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Alcohol in the united states creating a temporary group of second class citizens?

In the US, while one may vote upon their 18th birthday, that same body may not drink alchohol.
This creates a group of second class citizens and while you won't be in the category for every, that category will always exist.
Should we make laws like switzerland that let you drink beer at 16 and hard liquor at 18?
Is our culture ready?


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    Sky F

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    Apr 23 2011: Regardless of laws, learning to drink when you're 21 is ridiculous. Kids should learn to drink from their parents who would hopefully be able to teach them moderation. They shouldn't learn to drink from college where they get completely shitfaced every weekend. I believe the law should be adjusted so that 18 year olds are able to drink as long as they are with their parents.

    The whole second-class citizens thing is kind of meh. It's not like they're withholding our freedom of speech...

    I'll have to find the data, but in countries with lower drinking ages, there's actually lower rates of alcohol-related car accidents.
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      Apr 23 2011: i guess ur right that the whole second class citizen thing is a bit extreme but technically you stlll are being withheld the right to put in your body what u choose. but you are right. in this senario i didnt mean lower the drinking age and let kids run free but a part of that would also be to have alcohol be not taboo so its not such a big deal

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