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Alcohol in the united states creating a temporary group of second class citizens?

In the US, while one may vote upon their 18th birthday, that same body may not drink alchohol.
This creates a group of second class citizens and while you won't be in the category for every, that category will always exist.
Should we make laws like switzerland that let you drink beer at 16 and hard liquor at 18?
Is our culture ready?


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    Apr 23 2011: Given what alcohol does to the brain, I'd say those two years of decent voting before the massive death of brain cells kicks in is one of the things that are helping to keep our political system afloat :-D
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      Apr 23 2011: but many countries have lower drinking ages and also teach their children responsible drinking from a young age. when i used to go abroad, i had a lot of friends who grew up drinking at the dinner table, watered down wine (the dilution depended on their age). my point is that we've seen it work and europe still has a functioning democracy. so how does what you say make sense?

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