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How has a TED Talk affected your life?

TED Talks are often inspiring, moving, and downright motivating. We want to know: has watching a specific TED Talk ever led to a big change in your life? If so, we'd love to hear your story!

Has a TED Talk inspired you to change career paths or go back to school? Has a talk ever lead you on a new journey? Has a TED Talk sparked a new idea for how you could think about your work, or ushered in a noticeable change in your community? Has a TED Talk ever lead to a new collaboration, or a new hobby? Share here.


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  • Jan 13 2014: By the time you finish this, we'll both have something in common with Dr Frankenstein.

    I weep at the gullibility of people's comment on “inspirational” videos, who seem to believe, that one can “beat” diseases, by putting on a happy face. Who forget that even with $100billion Mr Jobs died. Never have they rationalized that basic healthcare and luck, play a large part in if you survive. Not a now-for-sale book.

    The absolute laziness of people, who take speakers words as fact, who do little or no homework to verify it, but comment.

    Incredulity at the posters, who take a untenable stance on a position, and completely ignore someone who actually has experience in that field.

    Amazement in this day and age and search engines, that people can be bothered, for example to search 'drug trials africa' and actually find out the truth.

    Horror, as Americans still seem to take a political stance, aligning themselves with one party/ideology, seemingly giving up their wherewithal to actually question what's being said.

    Shock as people seem 'in the moment' and learn nothing from history, which can be as little as 5 years ago. Sorrow, as it allows some, to sell 'they' have wmd's, et al, with no fear of ever being discovered.

    The basic inability for people value and understand and respect other people's cultures and beliefs.

    Basic intelligence to click on BIO, to see if the speaker is on TED to SELL a new book, a new DVD or themselves as an “expert”.

    Plain rudeness, low sarcasm, stupid pettiness.

    Those dont inspire me. The ones that do are occasionally one can get to speak to a person, who's open, free, and willing to look at things from a different perspective, and learn, those are few and far between, but in some small way make a difference.

    Dr Frankenstein? I'm assuming you're how gabbing torches and pitchforks, or keyboard. I hope someone video's my death at your hands...

    Then I'll give a TED talk “10 things I learned about democracy while being burned at the stake".
    • Feb 1 2014: Steven,

      I have observed in your post how inspired you are by those who you claim to be the ones who don't inspire you... and how little you have actually devoted to those few and far between, that in some small way make a positive difference... and just maybe... this observational statement will suffice to look at things from a different perspective, and learn! And take appropriate actions to actually improve at the individual and collective levels... enabling better situational resolutions that produce better systemic cultivation of valuable precious moments.

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