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How has a TED Talk affected your life?

TED Talks are often inspiring, moving, and downright motivating. We want to know: has watching a specific TED Talk ever led to a big change in your life? If so, we'd love to hear your story!

Has a TED Talk inspired you to change career paths or go back to school? Has a talk ever lead you on a new journey? Has a TED Talk sparked a new idea for how you could think about your work, or ushered in a noticeable change in your community? Has a TED Talk ever lead to a new collaboration, or a new hobby? Share here.


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    Jan 27 2014: For me, TED means an open window, not only to the best ideas, projects and studies, but also an invitation to know and respect the opinions of others, though not always share.
    It helps me a lot to maintain and improve my English.
    And, as always, a fascinating window to the open, great, fun and extraordinary issues.
    Thanks very much, TED

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