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How has a TED Talk affected your life?

TED Talks are often inspiring, moving, and downright motivating. We want to know: has watching a specific TED Talk ever led to a big change in your life? If so, we'd love to hear your story!

Has a TED Talk inspired you to change career paths or go back to school? Has a talk ever lead you on a new journey? Has a TED Talk sparked a new idea for how you could think about your work, or ushered in a noticeable change in your community? Has a TED Talk ever lead to a new collaboration, or a new hobby? Share here.

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    Alex Ho

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    Jan 13 2014: I'm Chinese, and I have no chance to go outside China, with the help of internet, we know what happened outside China everyday.But we haven't connected the world, because we don't what are the people thinking in different parts of the world. After I watched some ted talks,I feel likeTED is the door which connected the different parts of the world,once the door has opened, we can better understand what the really like outside.
  • Jan 11 2014: I've left the mainstream social media because of various TED resources, not only videos, and now I feel like I'm free to live a better life. As a consequence, I'm having better real social experiences because I don't feel anymore the urge to share each single aspect of my life with people who don't care at all with me. I care less about irrelevant things people think about me and more about things they might have a good point. I've been learning how to be more self-reliant, and not being so hard on myself. That's how TED has affected my life.
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    Jan 27 2014: For me, TED means an open window, not only to the best ideas, projects and studies, but also an invitation to know and respect the opinions of others, though not always share.
    It helps me a lot to maintain and improve my English.
    And, as always, a fascinating window to the open, great, fun and extraordinary issues.
    Thanks very much, TED
  • Jan 12 2014: I work with men and women incarcerated in a county jail. While I teach practical subjects in the hope that these concepts will aid them in "making it" on the "outs", I've found that mostly what these people respond to is empathy, compassion, and inspiration. There are several TED talks that I regularly show my classes, including Brene Brown on vulnerability and shame, Shane Koyczan on bullying, and Fr. Greg Boyle on compassion- to name a few. Keep up the great and important work, TED!
  • Jan 11 2014: http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html?quote=83
    This talk by Ken affected me in very personal ways and prompted me to place promoting education reform at the top of my list. Those of you who know me also know you will not get a minute of my time because of titles no matter how much information you can pass over your lips. However I will listen for hours to anyone, of any age or resources if they speak the truth. I find the truth intoxicating.
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      Feb 10 2014: Fantastic mention Keith! Ken's talk is amazing. I love Ken quoting Picasso about every child is born an artist, the problem is remaining an artist as we grow up. There's another talk by him where he mentions how as a society we judge people based on their "date of manufacture". Have you heard his talk given at UCLA? Absolutely fantastic. Not only do schools squander people but I know a lot of workplaces that do the same. We need more creativity than conformity.
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    Feb 10 2014: Time and time again I go back to Alain de Botton's talk "A kinder, gentler philosophy of success". I know everyone has their setbacks in life, but unfortunately mine never seem to end. His talk really helps me to stay calm and find inner peace. I've always dabbled a little bit in philosophy since I was young, but Alain has inspired me to go more in depth into philosophy. Going along with setbacks, Jane McGonigal's talk "The game that can give you 10 extra years of life" puts things in perspective. When she mentions the top five regrets of the dying, it's a good reminder to me to get over myself and to remember what truly matters in life.
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    Feb 9 2014: I think TED is absolutely brilliant.

    When people describe personal heroes and people of great inspiration in their lives, it is often difficult to truly perceive such people. Yet TED is full of people like this, remarkable people with amazing experiences to share.

    Watching TED talks has profoundly changed my views and perspectives of life, and massively contributed towards my self-understanding, and the understanding of others. It has influenced my interests far beyond what I could possibly even comprehend ten years ago, and as such in this sense it has been pivotal to my own life.

    I often try to share an awareness of TED with my friends and close associates, yet it is sometimes hard to describe what it is that specifically makes TED stand out. With such a diverse range of eminent talks and speakers it really is a revolutionary form of education.

    Many of the speakers at TED make me feel as though humanity is more connected and co-operative. It offers positive and attainable aspects of progress, unprecedented innovations and incredibly insightful views into subjects which were previously believed to be well known, or those which have long been neglected of thought.
  • Feb 4 2014: There are a couple of conversation going on now which have enriched my understanding of issues and I am grateful for the opportunity to interact with other here.
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    Jan 30 2014: Great ideas and suggestions, Estaban! Definitely something to think about. Made my day...thanks!!
  • Jan 28 2014: ted has given opportunity to talk on serious/technical topics other than just wasting time on social sites.
  • DY D

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    Jan 27 2014: I am an English learner. I can learn English with TED talk, and also I can absorb various knowledge. My horizon has been broadened a lot.

    Thanks and I will go on with ted.
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    Jan 26 2014: Before I saw my first TED talk I always wondered what it would be like to hear the ideas of this planet's greatest minds. Now I know what it is like to hear inspiration every day from these minds! TED has opened my mind to so many possibilities, and I can probably blame TED for giving me the idea of becoming a teacher. I never realized the importance of a great teacher until now. I am now, and will be forever, a TED addict, and I have no clue of weather that is a bad thing or a good thing. By the way, my first TED experience was a talk by Sugata Mitra, he really opened my mind to the fact that our school system in America needs to be updated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment!
  • Jan 25 2014: Before I know TED ,
    I was SOMETHING !
    But Now ,
    after knowing TED,
    " I'm SOMEBODY ! "
  • Jan 25 2014: TED has opened my eyes to motivation, different knowledges, different ideas and it has given my life a different meaning. It has given me a broader look on the world, the community and the structure of systems, and given me hope to believe in human equality.

    I think all knowledge, studies, education should be available like this, so that all, young and old can benefit and learn more about their interests if they want to - to increase their understanding of the world, not for compulsory, but because it is fun and appealing to them.

    For me, it has changed my way of spending my spare time. Instead of watching TV I watch TED talks.

    Instead of "time wasting", I "time invest".
  • Jan 24 2014: Amy Cuddy. She inspired me to stand up in front of others and present with more confidence. her story was so powerful i couldn't ignore it and i am now doing things i would have never beleived possible.
  • Jan 24 2014: TED Talk, for me has acted as a gateway into a world which i didn't know existed. It has brought to light some of the most brilliant people and ideas into light which otherwise i/we wouldn't have come to know about. TED talks are highly inspiring and one of the most important aspect to it is that they can be consumed by anyone for free. Has TED Talk affected my life? Yes, most Definitely. This is only the beginning, there is a long path ahead.
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    Jan 22 2014: I am addicted to TED.
    If I ever wished I should one time in my life find a treasure... I did. I am 67 and feel like a little kid that has been given a new toy... TED. I am at a loss in words to explain the numerous journeys in awe, knowledge, appreciation, humility, sheer joy, understanding, craving for more, and more and more that I have been able to experience watching, reading... I makes you feel great to be alive and grateful to be able to have it in this times...
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    Jan 19 2014: immensely!!!! in a billion ways.

    from a 'wholesome education' point of view the talks, debates...coversation has done good to me more than any classroom or university University.

    first of all it brings people together whatever our calibre. i felt like a clay being shaped by TED.the viewpoints, discusions etc i think are much better and energetic than any United Nation conferences, G 8, 14.... summits etc.

    secondly, it helps me to unlearn what i learnt, healing the prejudices and pre-conceived notions and constructively shattering my deeply cherished beliefs.

    finally, TED is humongously a great intellectual stimulant and motivator.
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    Jan 18 2014: The first TED talk that I saw was shown to me by my fiance. I was really nervous about a speech that I had to give in front of my class about a subject that I had been researching. He showed me a video about how your body language can effect your level of testosterone, or cortisone, and if you have the body language of someone who is confident, you will be more confident. That talk helped me out a lot during my speech, and I got an A. After that I got more and more into TED, and I think that it has helped my brain to function a lot more efficiently. Most of the talks on TED are very inspiring, and educational. You guys have helped my collage experience become better! :)
  • Jan 18 2014: There are many, but one of the vids that had the most profound effect on me was the one featuring Jack Andraka. I couldn't believe at first how a high school student could contribute in the medical industry at such a young age, but then I realised, why not? He inspired me as a student to challenge the impossible and to believe in the power of dreams by being persistent and brave.
  • Jan 12 2014: Ted talks has inspired me to tell my own story of adoption, abuse, depression, relationships, goals, medications, and life in general. It may now give me a voice.
  • Jan 12 2014: It is just one of windows to look different culture and knowledge system,it widens my sight.
  • Jan 11 2014: It helped me kill a little time instead of taking a nap.
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    Jan 11 2014: Good question, I think anyone who is involved in TED conversations or watches the talks is affected in some ways. For me, I get inspiration at times, viewpointsI might not have thought about, I learn new things, the list goes on and on.

    Although I travel internationally a fair bit I have seen viewpoints on TED from around the globe that have been very meaningful and which I have never thought of. TED is open-minded and reminds me to live up to this.

    I hope TED is at the tip of the iceberg stage - it can grow exponentially if people want it to.
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    Jan 11 2014: hi there
    I've been following TED talks for the past 3 years. Honestly, I find them great help since
    1. they give me insight into cutting edge scientific findings
    2. they make me aware of a wide range of topics, which I could never manage to follow myself, yet essential or at least helpful in life
    3. they are so fun to watch
    4. they have made me really humble against the complexity yet systematicity of life
    5. all those true stories by people have been so so inspirational
    6. they give me a sense of belonging, to a community, a family, a group of likeminded people
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    Feb 9 2014: I learned a few personal things through TED talks.

    1) It is really hard to get me moving. A lot of the talks are interesting, inspiring or even thought provoking but I almost never take immediate action on the ideas that are presented in a TED talk.

    2) The only exception is the video of Amy Cuddy, I use my body differently. But it isn't her video that helped me so much, I was researching this claim on my own (through literature). I was hesitating if this was true or false, and then when I saw her video I knew it was through. Her video was the last bit of plausible evidence that I needed in order to believe it.

    3) Some kind of aggregate of the amount of information that I learned through the TED talks *is* influencing my behavior directly. I notice sometimes that when I'm making life decissions that I think about the 2 different modes of happiness (the experience self vs the remembering self) from Daniel Kahneman, for example. I notice that I then ask the question "which self is relevant for this situation?" So TED talks are influencing me a lot later when I need the knowledge and remember it vaguely.

    Now that I think of it, this looks a lot like the impact that education in general has on me.

    4) I learned a lot by writing this post, which now proves to me that organizing my thoughts facilitates new learning. I was leaning towards that side already, but I learned so much from typing this answer (see the sentence between 3 and 4 for example) that I now believe it.

    Awesome question :)
    • Feb 9 2014: Melvin,

      The notion of 'How has a TED Talk affected your life' can be extended to include this talk and talks about talks... so one could say that a ted talk has made some think and consider the impact that education in general has on each one.

      From reading your word I would recommend :

      If you can take a look into... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias

      Also when you have the time consider The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think In Action by Donald A. Schon - and then expand on it a bit more.

      Also look into cognitive illusions ... what individuals think before during and after a process may well change what the individual think at each stage of the process ... This presents an interesting self-containment paradox, where 'prisoners' freely choose to remain in their cells (physical, ideological, emotive) mesmerized by the fiery shadows on the walls; rather than venture about the cave or even outside and experience whats there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave .

      Please consider that for some the whole of the universe past present and future be the cave , for others it be the world, for yet others it be their country or city or 'the house' they live in for the time being.

      What facilitates new learning involves wondering about .... you described it as " hesitating if this was true or false, and then when I saw ... I knew it was ..." Just keep in mind that 'wondering in the form of a 'doubt' can open the door and lead to all sort of possibilities' some which ought to remain unexplored and closed forevermore ... sort of like pandora's box. Now that I think of it... if someone wants to open and see what inside the jar, and let the gene out, they ought make sure to first get into a confining hermetic enclosure so that the jar remains confined and close within a bigger space ; In other words get into the jar without ever opening it.
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    Feb 7 2014: Yes a specific TED talk had a big effect in my life, because it helped me to change some of my ideas for a better future..
    i tried to fellow the advises giving on that talk and do exactly what the guy said. Also due to to that talk i have new ideas and vision for my work which i didn't think about at all before.. in last i can only think TED about what it gives to us :)
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    Feb 6 2014: I've known TED since a view years ago, but just as a passive viewer. Through TED, I learned all sorts of knowledge that I would otherwise might never know. I've only started to become a more active "participant" and become part of TED community last year, through becoming a volunteer translator and also joining TED conversation.

    Becoming TED translator has allowed me to better understand the talks, and actually gets the point the speaker wants to send. And there's also a sense of gratification that I can give back to the community, if only just to enable people who can't speak English to also enjoy and learn from TED videos. Joining the conversation has given me the opportunity to share views with other people all around the world, and learn about their various views as well. I bump into an unfamiliar term every other click and start googling them, and learn a bunch of new stuff. So it's done a great deal to increasing my knowledge bank.

    TED is like a community that I've missed ever since leaving school and university. Work is challenging, yes, but there isn't as many things that sparks me intellectually as it used to be when I was a student. Being involved in TED discussion keeps my mind sharp and running, and stay challenged.
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      Feb 6 2014: what sort of work do you do?
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    Feb 5 2014: As bold as it may sound, many TED talks has inspired me to become a humanitarian, a patriot, a leader, and much more. I am on a journey to raise awareness that my friends, families and citizens of my native country can help make our society a better one, through innovation in various field; politics, education, healthcare among others. My idea is to change the lives of 1.3 million persons and their future generation by stirring their curiosity to seek ideologies that are deemed worthy for a successful society. It is a new hobby for me, I am constantly involved in with meeting new persons that wants to share their side of story on what they believe are the issues that are needing to be fixed in our society. I am finding some common sources and ideas that may bring people together. My goal is to make those people who are willing to come together and show them that their are organizations and professionals that can help us make us find feasible solutions to our issues whether it is corruption, infrastructural, or educational system, we can be trained to innovate. Overall I want to create a movement that share the same ideologies and use or skills together with various collaboration to make our nation a platform where TED ideas can be implemented successfully. Social networks are the keys to start the movement through effective messages and trusting our circles of friends and the friends of friends that we affect may be a good way to start this movement, the key is to gain popularity and trust. I will be the change that I want to see in the world, and make it a better place, I have everything that I ever dreamed of; a wife, two daughters and friends that loves me and to top it all, I have baby boy along the way. I realized that I can use my spare time to start this movement and see where it takes us, I have nothing to lose as I would be satisfied that I am trying.
    • Feb 5 2014: Elvin,

      I applaud what you just stated. If you allow me to make one slight change to it...

      rather than focus on the issues that are needing to be fixed in our society...
      focus on the issues that are needing to be attended to and cultivated in our society...

      When we seek to fix something we look for problems ...
      when we seek to attend to something we look for where our attention is most needed

      its a subtle difference that makes a big difference...

      Even-though of (____acknowledge what happens to be__________) lets promote and work on (___whatever ought to be_______) by doing ( ______________ ).

      find feasible ways to our issues whether it is to create honesty, infrastructural, or educational system, we can learn to learn and help others do the same... be innovators
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    Jan 30 2014: The ideas really make you think. It's great brain exercise. It's just too bad our ideas are boxed in by the ruling classes.
    • Feb 1 2014: Wade,

      Our ideas are boxed in by the thoughts/feelings/actions/dreams we choose to cultivate and hold...
      Some choose to think of themselves as boxed in by the ruling classes...
      some choose to think of themselves as artists by the artful classes...
      Some choose to think of themselves as visionaries who can create new ideas...
      Some can even integrate all the classes into a coherent enriching learning experience that produces a much deeper understanding than what results from the sum of the parts...

      We are bound to our ideas while free to conceive of the notions that changes it all... of course some do need to conceive the beneficial ideas that enable them and everyone a better experience... until some learn better ways they be confined in/by/through the other ways. It's actually rather good that this be so... imagine that only the good be allowed to go out and play... the games there would all be good and fun... even enriching learning experiences...
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    Jan 30 2014: I am always inspired with motivation talks as i think this is the most important deficiency to overcome in our daily routine life. TED talks have actually shown how powerful words are. I learned art of motivating people. I came to know many new names and their achievements through this platform. I have come across talented people. This has motivated me to be one of like them. To be one good speaker one day. To gain followers who actually improve their lives because of even a single word of me. I am still in learning process as i believe that learning never dies.
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    Jan 30 2014: So interesting, Esteban. I wonder why the A group had some of the better designs? I always thought that emphasizing excellence in a team was the way to go, but is this study indicating that isn't so? I think your idea of a living process of team formation is extremely valid.
    • Jan 30 2014: From what I was told ... the A group had the better designs because they just tried many things out and learned from everything they did... seeing each creation as an additional contribution to success... they also played and experimented to see what would happen... to share a business experience I had a while back... I started a business based on one idea... some customer mentioned I should include X-product which I though was a terrible idea... still I decided to include X-poduct and see what happened... it became the best seller, the most profitable, easiest to make, and the list could go on and on... the one idea I had had originally - while good in principle- turned out in practice not to be economical valuable...

      BTW it seems that emphasizing excellence in a team leads to a focus on excellence and how to achieve it... rather than workability and just taking the steps that work and improve on it. I used to say that I like to work in order not to work, meaning I would rather invest a little extra effort that would facilitate incorporating changes... I would take the time to create a program to do it for me rather than just do it myself ... say include a routine that would alert me of a condition... or solve it with variables and then plug in the values...
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        • Feb 1 2014: Santokh

          I liked what you just stated and with your consent would like to 'appropriate' part of it (which I assume it would be ok)... in any event I consider worthwhile to highlight it ...
          Excellence is both a noun and a verb. It is a continuous process. It is not only a state of being but also a continuous process.

          Indeed... excellence involves a bit more than just itself... and is a thing, an action, an attitude, a way, the ends, the means , the in-betweens and a bit more. Simple to appreciate though a bit complicated to define... Blink - the art of thinking without thinking...
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    Jan 30 2014: This talk by Amy Cuddy and body language was a light bulb moment for me. I had spent months and months applying for jobs and only not to be invited back for a second interview. Infuriating! I took Amy's advice and did the wonder women pose in the bathroom just before my interview (laughing at myself all the while) and I absolutely nailed it. Not only did I get a job, but I got THE job in THE industry I've wanted to be in for a long time.

    The other talk that sticks in my mind was by Jill Bolte Taylor and her stroke of insight. What struck me was her determination to carry on for years in rehabilitation when I think most people would have given up. But she didn't and she turned the whole experience into something - research that will no doubt contribute to help other people. Very inspiring and it motivated me to take on more, do more with life more generally. Volunteer, take on extra work that I love on the weekends...
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    Jan 28 2014: That is SO true, Esteban! That happened to me just this morning. Not sure I could imagine not feeling like it now :)
    • Jan 29 2014: Indeed... sometimes one just has to keep at it ... going through the steps until ....voila: there it is; there you are: and it's an extraordinary enduring instant... and one takes the next step and the next and the next each being extraordinary enduring instances. Mel Robbins talk affected by life in that I now get up when the clock goes... kind of forgot about it until you mentioned the talk and I reheard it and remembered hearing it... I kind of pay attention to the fundamental issues rather who makes them ... which is sort of both a grace and a curse kind of thing...

      I am more interested in the stories than the individual actors... what is right rather than who is right... because if one knows 'what is right' one can determine who is right... which isn't the case the other way around ... one could knows who is right without that meaning one could determine 'what is right'. On that note I would like to thank you for this interaction has enriched how I conceive an idea... Something I been working on involves framing using a positive bias... and until today I had stated a thought related to knowing 'what is right' and knowing 'what is wrong' . The logic follows what I said above in this paragraph. Anyways this likely makes only sense to me... just know I appreciate what you induced to happen... thanks

      BTW you may enjoy ... http://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership.html
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    Jan 28 2014: I recently saw TEDxSF speaker, Mel Robbins speak about how to stop screwing yourself. I was looking for something light, funny and mildly inspiring. I did not expect to hear her voice in my head at 5:30 every morning when my alarm was going off. Normally, it's alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, for at least 30 minutes. I've never been one to exercise in the morning. Now all I hear is Mel's voice saying "you're NEVER gonna feel like it". I've gotten up early to exercise every day since :)
    • Jan 28 2014: Amy,

      The text "you're NEVER gonna feel like it"... hit me as I reread this thread...
      wanted to share a story where I moved from that idea to "you're gonna feel like it"! ...
      once you gotten past a certain point and learn to enjoy it :-)...
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    • Jan 28 2014: Santokh,

      In relation to you question, the situation can lead people to become beautiful or ugly depending on what they choose to cultivate feed and care for...

      From (http://www.ted.com/talks/philip_zimbardo_on_the_psychology_of_evil.html ) lead me to propose (
      http://www.ted.com/conversations/22726/producing_run_of_the_mill_her.html ) as a way to further explore what it takes to produce behaviors in individuals... ideally with a bias towards beauty and beneficial ways.

      Maybe you will need to form a team as you search for it... by including members and helping them flourish in good ways.
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      Jan 28 2014: I'm looking for a good team too, Santokh :)
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        • Jan 30 2014: Someone told me of an interesting experiment done... students where randomly divided into two separate classes and given different assignments without them knowing it . A class- was charged with the task of making as many clay products as possible. B class- was charged with the task of making the best clay products. Towards the end independent judges C- Class where brought in and charged to pick the best clay products. Curiously and surprisingly the best products picked mostly belonged to class A.

          Keep in mind that in searching designing assembling and building the better team will likely take creating all sort of teams and/or tweaking the existing ones we come in contact with into being better; ideally managing to also generate abundant enrichment in each and everyone. Do let us know how to help and collaborate.
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    Jan 24 2014: it just opens up wider gate of knowledge & inspiration ...
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      Jan 25 2014: It was so inspiring that made me write a book about it and present in one of its independent events. Luis Almeida, "Breaking Free From Technology." TEDxPhoenixville.
  • Jan 24 2014: TED Talk is very good.Hi my name is shaoliangYe.I am from China and i am a student from Btbu university.nice to meet you in TED.can you became my friend?
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    • Jan 22 2014: lilly lilly

      Been wondering what it takes for 'An already mind formed mind' to change thanks to a singular talk, which is related to the central theme of participating in a specific TED Talk which leads to a big changes in ones life.

      I hope you ( and others ) will indulge me pushing the exploration of a point that biases the chances of reform somehow. I perceive that you are formed and already fixated on certain notions; say like "mind has little chance of reforming unless years of reinforcement'. I can see how that's the case in many situations just as I see that sometimes a mind hears something and just changes on the spot. As you sort of pointed out show logic can't ensure change... though it can at times bring it about. Note:

      IF it where true that an already mind formed mind has little chance of reforming unless years of reinforcement
      THEN the question asked here 'How has a TED Talk affected your life" would be kind of mute.

      Given the evidence that talks to change individuals, I am curious as to what induces the change of mind and how to ensure its for the better.

      I noticed that you introduced the issue of what is needed to protect the innocent humans of earth and linked it to the idea one needs to know what all humans are thinking when in fact all it takes is a single appropriate act which safeguards and protects the innocent humans. It can even be one act that encompasses everywhere and for all time and outside of it too- once and for all. Of course we can leave that exchange for a different conversation as we focus on how Has a TED Talk sparked a new idea... how each could think and act, to usher in a noticeable change in their community spreading worthwhile ideas!
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        • Jan 24 2014: lilly lilly

          As you said : Thanks for dropping by again and adding to your thoughts and views ...

          Of course life long changes from simple conversation involve taking actions moment by moment throughout the rest of the long life; thus its true that 'No human makes life long changes from simple conversation' just as it is also true that a single conversation can affect an individual for life and bring about the change that endures from that moment onward. To me it is quite evident that some human views ought remain constrained within the domain of a possibility that is always just a possibility, for the right to voice a view ought to be bound to by what be right to express and view. Of course the crux of the previous statement involves individuals knowing what be right to express, view, do, feel... deep down everyone knows those things regardless of each recognizing it or denying it.

          I perceive from the fact you chose to abstain from delving into "what it takes for 'An already mind formed mind' to change thanks to a singular talk" that you choose not to address this issue here. So be it..

          and like you said : 'Take Care!...may all your days be satisfying curiosity days' with a bit of additional beneficial stuff!
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        • Jan 24 2014: lilly lilly

          Whomever happens to actually be right, that be who in a village holds the right (and duty) to talk! A village ought to listen attentively to the so called brainier humans elucidations while constraining the enchanting bewitching charlatans pronouncements... A village that listen attentively to the so called fools will be foolish when the so called be as called; where as a village that listens attentively to the so called righteous and does what ought to be done will fair much better.

          Everyones opinion is heard and judged in accordance to the correspondence between what they claim to be and what happens to be. Do note that visionaries ought to be judged considering all of the facts!

          BTW not everyone in the village requires to talk and be heard in order for the village to prosper and/or take the appropriate actions. In fact a single voice may suffice to guide everyones actions... ideally it will be the right voice ...
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        • Jan 25 2014: lilly lilly,

          Yea lets see ... looking around the villages of earth for where the brainier human males have been running the village ... and still can't find someplace that would fit the criteria... maybe you can point a place where what you state happens to be...

          I believe individuals choose how to be through a process that involves part nature, part nurture, part the individual and a couple of other factors. I do observe many an individual who claim they are the way they are because others made them be that way, when the truth of the matter is that the way the individual are stem in part from the individual's chosen actions/beliefs/thoughts/feelings/stories. In principle an individual ought to be the master of their actions/beliefs/thoughts/feelings/stories; in practice many an individuals are enslaved by the actions/beliefs/thoughts/feelings/stories individuals choose to embrace and hold.

          Many are 'seduced' into bulling by the bulling ways of the bully rather than take the appropriate actions to guide everyones ways in a deliberate caring beneficial way. What one thinks is better for human life and what is better for human life ought be corroborated accordingly to what be better for human life (which I think/believe/feel includes what be better for other kinds of life physical-ideological-spiritual and more).

          I second your statement " May the light of peace light your life'!
          in fact May the light of peace-love-truth-wisdom light every life!
      • Comment deleted

        • Jan 25 2014: While bound to thought and action (and a couple of other things) some can and do choose to influence how and which thoughts and actions (and a couple of other things) they affiliate with! There be always a possibility for the righteous true notions to be heard, and guide the conduct of individuals; granted many now choose to affiliate with a possibility which seems to them to be right and from which they think there be no better alternative until they realize The better alternative and choose to affiliate with the beneficial ways... It seems now, this moment, be a fundamental turning point, in the man story of life (as well as in the stories of other beings) as each individual realizes and chooses the better alternatives... recall that the truth of the matter does not actually change with the proof of the matter! What is true was so before, during and after the proof!

          We certainly could fill volumes of man invented books with the thoughts and resulting actions of a single individual; heck we could even fill volumes focused on a single thought and resulting actions that 'an individual' had and still need more space and time to express: "How has a Talk affected your life"?

          Sharing here the gists of the idea and repercussions invites others to experience and re-experience the events.

          I agree lets 'Have great days thinking and many satisfying conclusions" in addition to other wonderful beneficial shared experiences!
      • Comment deleted

        • Jan 26 2014: What's an eon compared to an eternity? Likely similar to a blink of an eye within a life time. Of course when one plays with time flows and warps an instant can be like an eon and an eon become akin to an instant. of course then there are enduring beginnings where an event, say a talk or a conversation, changes it all for good from there onwards!

          Yes we should always be polite and graceful willing to listen and converse especially when everyone seeks to inspire enriching beneficial changes of direction towards a better way of being and better journeys. Right now Lucky is pleading to go ... so I am now to go to that journey ...

          Today I saw of of the funniest pictures in a long time... it was of a rat who looked up and saw a bat the caption read "OMG I see an angel"...
      • Comment deleted

        • Jan 26 2014: lilly lill,

          Technically indeed... an already formed mind knows which possible thoughts and possibilities will float through space never again to find a willing mind to entertain and host them. Still presently some thoughts, ideas, feelings roam through space and time seek to influencing the forming minds to entertain, host, feed, and live for them.

          The imperative to inspire enriching beneficial conversation towards a better way of being and better journeys can be summoned by the phrase "ideas worth spreading". Some ideas will continue to exist forevermore bound within the domain of possibilities and that is a good thing! In a way everything does matter and ought to be placed where it belongs.

          You too take care, I enjoy these interactions, and from where I stand consider you have much much to contribute and help enrich those here... In a way this TED Talk has affected my life and enabled me to learn and see some stuff more clearly! Thank you!
      • Comment deleted

        • Jan 29 2014: lilly lilly,

          Today, right now going well... hope you and others are well... I too am not deserving ... who actually is?

          NOW let's keep in mind that deserving 'the gift' has little to do with 'the gift' ... who gives it, who gets it, the fact of it being given and what is really going on... on the surface, below it and above it. Like you ' my form of interaction comments are usually ones of generalities, observations life's experiences ... " whether they are helpful and substantive to some (or not) may well depend on many factors related to them, me, the circunsqnces ... I hope and trust that my intent be benevolent and each manages to find something of helpful substance from what be stated.

          Like you:
          - I see things that most humans don't see
          - sense that for the most part many disagree with me
          - I respect other sentient beings
          - expect each mind to form itself (hopefully as it ought to form)

          I also consider
          - that we are bound to influence each other (hopefully for the better)
          - a formed mind can choose to change whenever it chooses to change

          Of course that last two statements involves a bit of individual consent so in actuality each chooses to allow themselves to be influenced and thus retains full autonomy and responsibility. Its sort of the actor consenting to be under the influence of a role through choosing to act the role. Some actors may be so convincing they end up believing they are the role they play...

          I value appropriate respect for humans beings and other kinds of beings. I enjoy and appreciate our interactions and hope the feeling is mutual. I also hope that our interactions be enriching and serve to improve each and everyones understandings, practices and well being as each learns the better stories to hold and recreate.

          How has a TED Talk affected your life?

          It has enriched it in some ways...
  • Jan 22 2014: TED has been a natural extension of my curiosity with its variety of topics. TED has been for me Popular Science or Scientific American, keeping up with the world without the discourse of the instant opinions of talking heads on television. I like the clever talks, the ones that present a magical experience. I also like to correlate the Talks with other trends in business and industry and analyze their minutia. It's fun to guess what the trend in topics is to what industry is planning.
  • Jan 21 2014: One of the talks that I found quite enriching involved distinguishing the act from the individual, that is distinguishing 'making a mistake' vs 'being a mistake' (http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame.html ). Personally I would rather see/hear the talk presented in a slight different language than the one used in order to sidestep having to translate it, and abstain from exposure to the shame and guilt side of it. I wonder why so many resort to the negativity language rather than using a positive spin? I do distinguish the act from the individual, still one has to wonder why some individuals choose to do certain acts?
  • Dan F

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    Jan 21 2014: A number of Ted talks have taken me on an inward journey. Upon listening to something interesting the ability to contribute a comment and interact to some extent with other members can sets me adrift into my own cerebral hemiphere. It's a natural challenge reaction since the theme of these Talks center on ideas worth spreading. I have listed a number of favorite talks on my membership profile.

    This social involvement is private from my personal social life. These talks often inspire me to express myself in ways that may well surprise friends and family. I'm sure if some of my friends were to read my postings, after a curious stare they would claim, "nooooo that can't be you!"
  • Comment deleted

    • Jan 21 2014: lilly lilly,

      Rather than 'avoidance' consider 'appropriate guidance'! man eduction should be 'appropriately guided' from within or from outside- by self or by self + others !

      I realize that this response will likely be perceived as me trying to form your mind in the direction that my mind was formed; that of course it could also be a defensive reflex to keep from allowing a formative attempt by someone to form within me; as well as other possibilities. Even thought it would likely be untenable to have a mutually enriching simple conversation... I wonder if my comments and intervention will be able to penetrate and make you wonder a bit more about what you stated.

      One of my mottos goes something like this: to be or not to be isn't the question; how to be holds the key.
      The key issue is how to be and being so!

      Put into the particular context of this conversation, the issue as I see it here isn't to have or not to have an education is how to have the appropriate one! My notion considers 'appropriate guidance'!
      • Comment deleted

        • Jan 22 2014: lilly lilly

          All is well ... I sort of have a pet peeve with certain ideas and from time to time will follow through and present a particular alternative (an antidote to the ideas) for others to consider... wether some choose 'avoidance' or 'appropriate guidance' ultimately is up to them :-) !

          Similar to what I perceive is your stance, I promote respect for all humans ...while at the same time I am aware that some of their ideas, feelings, acts, creations, stories ought better remain bound within the domain of possibilities. That be a long way of saying that I only respect them thoughts that ought to be respected. (Note that not all thoughts by humans ought be respected, some thought ought receive a different treatment; that is in line with the appropriate guidance --- for certain thoughts is best to avoid them whereas some be best to share, cultivate and propagate).
  • Jan 18 2014: Nick Hanauer's elegant dismantling of job creation mythology in his TED Talk inspired me to take a look at some other economic principles which many appear to take for granted but which can perhaps be looked at from a different perspective. Shame you won't find that talk here.

    And while I don't necessarily buy all the theories some speakers present (that goes for any TED Talker - I evaluate each on their merit), the failure to archive the Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake talks has underlined for me the necessity to look beyond TED Talks for sources of interesting lectures and ideas worth spreading.
    • Jan 21 2014: Risto,

      Your comment lead me to wonder about the Nick Hanauer's talk... It seems to me that some of the ideas there are worth while while some of the ideas there are just wrong, in particular the notion that taking from the rich to give to the poor will lead to a better situation (I was going to say a better state though realized that it would lead to a better state just one where more people aren't in a better situation) As the talk sort of implied, redistribution of wealth will hardly lead to more wealth, to get the latter the ecosystem requires to grow, a more taxing situation hardly is conductive to such endeavor. The weaker are the first to succumb and give into the system which makes the system a bit stronger, kind of like cancer develops.

      Thank you for your comment it lead me to make a couple of new insights!
  • thumb
    Jan 17 2014: it just opens up wider gate of knowledge & inspiration which helps a load as far as I'm concerned it has broadened the way I think... and I'm glad to be apart of the ted cult.
  • thumb
    Jan 16 2014: David Blaine.
    It will leave you ... breathless.
    Perfecting his art is his purpose in life, and when a man gets croaky and teary eyed sharing with you the inner sanctum of his very being, you cannot help but get emotional yourself.
    This talk will indelibly alter you. No other talk comes close in my humble opinion.
  • thumb
    Jan 14 2014: TED.com is the kind of site which evokes the natural hidden Polymath within all of us by serving us talks from the whole spectrum of topics ranging from philosophy to cultural anthropology to high energy physics and all this explained in a laymen's language.

    Apart from gaining lots of knowledge and insights i would also say that i have become a complete TEDAddict, with already having seen more than 800+ talks from site always trying to see more talks in my free time.

    TED Rocks.
  • thumb
    Jan 14 2014: I am able to express my opinions
    I can see a wider picture on what others think
    and I am able to learn about certain topic that I do not have much information or opinion on.
  • Jan 13 2014: By the time you finish this, we'll both have something in common with Dr Frankenstein.

    I weep at the gullibility of people's comment on “inspirational” videos, who seem to believe, that one can “beat” diseases, by putting on a happy face. Who forget that even with $100billion Mr Jobs died. Never have they rationalized that basic healthcare and luck, play a large part in if you survive. Not a now-for-sale book.

    The absolute laziness of people, who take speakers words as fact, who do little or no homework to verify it, but comment.

    Incredulity at the posters, who take a untenable stance on a position, and completely ignore someone who actually has experience in that field.

    Amazement in this day and age and search engines, that people can be bothered, for example to search 'drug trials africa' and actually find out the truth.

    Horror, as Americans still seem to take a political stance, aligning themselves with one party/ideology, seemingly giving up their wherewithal to actually question what's being said.

    Shock as people seem 'in the moment' and learn nothing from history, which can be as little as 5 years ago. Sorrow, as it allows some, to sell 'they' have wmd's, et al, with no fear of ever being discovered.

    The basic inability for people value and understand and respect other people's cultures and beliefs.

    Basic intelligence to click on BIO, to see if the speaker is on TED to SELL a new book, a new DVD or themselves as an “expert”.

    Plain rudeness, low sarcasm, stupid pettiness.

    Those dont inspire me. The ones that do are occasionally one can get to speak to a person, who's open, free, and willing to look at things from a different perspective, and learn, those are few and far between, but in some small way make a difference.

    Dr Frankenstein? I'm assuming you're how gabbing torches and pitchforks, or keyboard. I hope someone video's my death at your hands...

    Then I'll give a TED talk “10 things I learned about democracy while being burned at the stake".
    • Feb 1 2014: Steven,

      I have observed in your post how inspired you are by those who you claim to be the ones who don't inspire you... and how little you have actually devoted to those few and far between, that in some small way make a positive difference... and just maybe... this observational statement will suffice to look at things from a different perspective, and learn! And take appropriate actions to actually improve at the individual and collective levels... enabling better situational resolutions that produce better systemic cultivation of valuable precious moments.
  • Jan 12 2014: i am happy that i connected with TED i think i can do good here
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    Jan 12 2014: How wide spread progressive Kool Aid has been ingested.

    Some of the talks were quite good.

    Krisztian Pinter made us aware of Austrian economics which is highly under publicized.
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    Jan 11 2014: I can't explain it properly... but I can definitely say that all TED talks inspire me
    • Jan 12 2014: Really?It is so easy to inspire you that you may be haven't thought anything deeply.
  • thumb
    Jan 11 2014: Hi Kate:>)
    TED has had a HUGE impact in my life starting years ago when a friend sent me the link to a TED talk...Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight....

    Since then, I've watched many of the talks, participated in a TED conference by live stream, which was a GREAT experience, and have enjoyed many conversations with people around our world, which creates more and more of a feeling of interconnectedness all the time. TED has enriched and enhanced my life tremendously.....thanks:>)
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    Gord G

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    Jan 11 2014: I get less sleep. ;-)
  • Jan 11 2014: http://www.ted.com/talks/raffaello_d_andrea_the_astounding_athletic_power_of_quadcopters.html
    After this video I purchased a $50 quadcopter and wrecked it at least 30-40 times in the next week and then fly it straight up until I could barely see it and then lost control of it. Last time I saw it the quad was flying north and I never saw it again. Since then I have started designing my own quad and looking forward to purchasing a better one with a camera on it.
    • thumb

      Gord G

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      Jan 11 2014: I saw it go overhead and almost contacted the Defense Department. Your post has adverted a military invasion. I salute you. :-)
      • Jan 11 2014: I can't wait to get my own design up in the air. It will be totally illegal but I don't care because it will fly for days at a time, transmit video and be so small that even if you do see it you will think it is something else.
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    Jan 11 2014: Ted.com is my favorite website. There are so many inspiring speakers. Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell, Colin Powell, Diana Nyad, John Doerr, Bill Gates, and many more ...!