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I'm not an American, so explain to me the split in the American society... PLEASE!

One half of American society builds telescopes and rockets and puts men on the moon and probes on other planets, like Mars. They look at DNA and stem cell research, try to cure cancer and generally endeavour to improve the lot of humanity using science and logical thinking... in general.

The other group (again, in general) believe that the earth was created in six days, that fossils are less than 6000 years old, and that they're the bones of animals killed in 'The Flood' (sent by God to wipe out wicked humans a while back). These same people, or some of them at least think that if we cut down all the trees, Jesus will come again. I'm fairly sure that some of them would like to go to church on Sundays, then play 'hunt the witch' the next week, then have a court trial like the Salem Witch Trials and maybe burn someone by Saturday night at the latest, go to church Sunday and have the whole thing start over again.

This might seem like a sick joke and offensive to some people, but this really is, 'honest to God', genuinely how a lot of the world see 'Modern America' and Americans.

Deep breath... Think about what I've just said... Now tell me how a modern country like the USA is so divided in the way I've described, and whilst it's modern, and a 'World Leader' in so many ways, it also has people with some crazy beliefs.

Surely the education system has something to answer for, but central government must also have let this happen. This has always been mind-blowing to me, and a complete mystery at the same time. It's like Star Trek meets The Lord Of The Rings.

Help me.... someone?!


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    Jan 17 2014: Religion for some of us is just not believable but does propose to offer an afterlife that others hang their hat on. Science has discovered that all is not what is seems. That and using my imagination I can think of several possibilities that offer a more believable afterlife then what was written over 2000 years ago.

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