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I'm not an American, so explain to me the split in the American society... PLEASE!

One half of American society builds telescopes and rockets and puts men on the moon and probes on other planets, like Mars. They look at DNA and stem cell research, try to cure cancer and generally endeavour to improve the lot of humanity using science and logical thinking... in general.

The other group (again, in general) believe that the earth was created in six days, that fossils are less than 6000 years old, and that they're the bones of animals killed in 'The Flood' (sent by God to wipe out wicked humans a while back). These same people, or some of them at least think that if we cut down all the trees, Jesus will come again. I'm fairly sure that some of them would like to go to church on Sundays, then play 'hunt the witch' the next week, then have a court trial like the Salem Witch Trials and maybe burn someone by Saturday night at the latest, go to church Sunday and have the whole thing start over again.

This might seem like a sick joke and offensive to some people, but this really is, 'honest to God', genuinely how a lot of the world see 'Modern America' and Americans.

Deep breath... Think about what I've just said... Now tell me how a modern country like the USA is so divided in the way I've described, and whilst it's modern, and a 'World Leader' in so many ways, it also has people with some crazy beliefs.

Surely the education system has something to answer for, but central government must also have let this happen. This has always been mind-blowing to me, and a complete mystery at the same time. It's like Star Trek meets The Lord Of The Rings.

Help me.... someone?!


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    Jan 17 2014: Dave, Everyone is crazy but me and thee ... and I have my doubts about thee. LOL

    You make some giant assumptions .. that people of science and logical thinking attempting to help society cannot be religious. They can be and are in many cases. That all religions are on a witch hunt ... and are some kind of kooks.

    I do not buy either as a blanket rule. Those are generalizations like red heads love to fight, blonds have more fun, etc ...

    The Colonists sought freedom from the tyranny of the King and religious freedom and left England to find it in the Americas. Here is is alright to be a believer or a non-believer. The laws apply equally to both.

    I would more readily think that the world judges America on its political agenda, diplomatic relations, economic impact, drug culture, and the ugly American tourists. I receive many political cartoons from people that show our President with the caption "the Prince of Fools" and other unflattering labels. I do not see cartoons of Christians killing scientists.

    Do we have some crazy beliefs .. yep. Do we have some mad scientists ... yep ... that happens everywhere.

    Your argument is very critical of the USA .... don't we have anything here you like?
    • Jan 17 2014: Robert,

      America is a wonderful place, but for one thing... the Americans! ;0)

      I'm not making assumptions so much as generalisations, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

      Those 'of faith' often do good things. I'm not denying that at all and I'm sorry if that was the impression that I gave.

      Seriously, I don't have a problem with most religious people in any country, just the ones who are most irrational and strident in their beliefs and wish to dictate policy to others. The reacted attempts by creationists to get creation taught in mainstream schools is one example. I realise they are a minority, but that to my mind makes it even more worrying.

      Whilst I believe in religious freedom I do worry at times that religion can and has been used to get some good people to do some pretty terrible things, though I understand that this isn't the norm, at least in peace time.

      There are many scientists who believe in 'God', but they are getting fewer, from what I remember about the statistics, less strident, and usually separate their science from religious beliefs. Scientists seem at least as able as the rest of the population to hold two or more conflicting views in their heads as any one time.

      I think that there are mad and illogical people everywhere, and as mentioned before, the media seems to have a lot to answer for, as they appear to give more credence and air time to the illogical than they surely should, or would possibly be given in some other countries.

      Colonists weren't just running from England and the king. Mostly they ran from religious persecution usually carried out by other faith groups, often just other sects of the same religion.

      There's much I do like about America, but it also seems to be a country of extremes, extreme beliefs and attitudes, and is often perplexing. Trying to understand why this is was the reason for my initial question. It wasn't designed with criticism in mind, though raising a contentious issue often gets the talk going.
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        Jan 17 2014: Dave, I was in England not to long ago and was told that the Brits had everything under control in WWII and the bloody Yanks had to butt in.

        Guess we all have our people with issues.

        Sorry you worry so much about this ... it really is a non-issue. I stand behind my thought that the political and diplomatic images are a far great impression and concern. We are 17 trillion in debit, unemployment is rampant, and the economy is in the gutter while we are pissing off all of our friends and allies .... now that should be of concern to all of us.

        Cheers. Bob.
        • Jan 17 2014: Yes, I know it was a "joke" ... I didn't find it amusing. Let him joke about his own countrymen.
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          Jan 17 2014: Chris, See the smiley face .... he was joking with me. When I was in England there was a constant back and forth between the Brits and the Yanks. Most were in good fun ... some not.
        • Jan 17 2014: Robert,

          It's not unusual for Americans not to get our humour, in fact it's sort of a joke all in itself. Like our two nations being separated by a common language, etc. Glad you got it though!

          I seem to have upset Chris, judging by his last three posts, one of which seemed to be a rather incoherent rant/sermon. I don't think he likes my views, but seems to have some rather strange ones of his own that I really don't think are worth addressing, but people can make up their own minds. I'm not even going to attempt to reason with him. Seems there'd be little point.
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