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Do you fear death? If so, do you have a good reason?

Just some thoughts. Not much else I can say. If you dont fear death then good for you.

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    Jan 16 2014: I do not fear death, because I don't have a fear of science. You can not run around fearing what is simply impossible to completely understand. Although others may have different opinions, I think that death is a beautiful, natural thing, and it helps the process of life continue. In fact some people contribute more when they die than when they are alive.
    One way that death brings new life is that when you are buried, you biodegrade, and you turn into dirt. Dirt is one of the things that most vegetation uses to survive. Sense the dirt that was produced from your body helped a plant to stay alive, you are also contributing to the life of the animal that will eat the plant, then that animal will be eaten, and the process of the food chain will continue, until eventually, because you are dead you have helped a human stay alive.
    Another way that death contributes to the life of others, and you do not have to agree with me on this one, but I believe that every living thing has some kind of electricity pulsating within them, that keeps everything functional, and when we die that energy is released back into the universe, makes its way back to the sun where it is transferred back to earth in the form of electricity, that we know today to power our technology, and technology helps us survive. Particularly the technology used in hospitals.
    Don't get me wrong, I do not have the desire to die any time soon, but when I do, I know that I will at least be helping others to survive, and that thought comforts me a bit.
    What do you think?
  • Jan 15 2014: I don't fear death. Death will be the final chapter in my story. I had a near death experience about 4 years ago on an operating table. Did I see " The Light " I think so. I know I kept saying " I'm next " but they never took me. Later I asked why know one ever answered me - they say I didn't say a word. When it's your time it's your times, enjoy the time your here. Remember - Keep Smiling
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    Jan 21 2014: What an interesting question to pose!
    We are talking about death, from the point of view of the living!
    Which means none of us qualify for the expert position.
    So what do we do?
    We can certainly entertain ourselves by philosophizing as this is what TED is good at doing.
    Here we go....
    If one is to look at death from the point of view of the living, death is a final act. It is an end of something, but a total end, with memories and all. Like, that - which had died - never existed to start with. That is what death is to me.
    So what is to die, the act of dying? To let go, on the one hand, of all your personal expectations, so that the psychological notion of future ends. And let go of any personal memories, so that the past as a psychological movement that will seek continuity through the imaginary future, will come o an end. When that happens, talking about death is irrelevant.
    But there is the end of the body, as it inevitably happens. Only the body is not afraid, as death happens in the now, not in the future. Or fear, is of a future event we want to avoid. So that is where the devil lies. We want a future, something ahead of us, a place where we can store our present irrational fears and then try and avoid them presently. So future is for the people that are avoiding living right here, right now. And so is death. You can only die now. No one has died in the future because time travel is not available yet.
    Do I fear the end of something? I sleep well, without guarantee that I will ever wake up, Yet I deeply as death itself. And reincarnate as I wake up, in the now, from zero. So living is an act of dying and dying is an act of living. For tomorrow to be born, today has to come to an end; only to find out that when it happens, tomorrow becomes today. Today dies, in order to live. Long live today!
    This is how it is in my world. Thank you.
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    Jan 20 2014: The only reason I fear death a microscopic amount, is because I am afraid I won't feel like I am finished on this Earth
  • Jan 17 2014: Once again I have a comment. After reading Mr Millers comment, I must somewhat agree. Steve Jobs once said that death is just the ushering out of the old to make room for the new. It's the process we must all realize, so there is know reason to fear what we can't control. We can put it off for a short time longer by trying to take better care of ourselves. If you get up every day and live it as it is your last, you might find that you are happier with life. Remember - Keep Smiling
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      Jan 18 2014: Hello Marshall, I just wanted to tell you that I am a woman. You referred to me as Mr Miller. I think it is kind of funny. :) The thing that confused you was my profile. I fixed it once I noticed that it said I was a man
      • Jan 18 2014: Hannah please forgive me. No, it was a miss type. Hannah is usually a women's name. It was to be Ms.
  • Jan 14 2014: Hi Joshua.
    Yes I do but what it is that I fear, is the way death manifests itself in human lives.
    The way it looks, to me, to others. It's scary, ferocious and seems in most cases
    to be anything but friendly or kind.
    Two, if I didn't fear it a little bit, then it wouldn't mean anything.
    Third, I have several near death experiences in my lifetime and all of them,
    except the last one, were the singular most beautiful experiences I have ever
    had on this planet. Nothing else comes close at all.
    The last one however, was not fun at all. It was horrible.
    What I do know (from my experience only), is that it doesn't last long and the release is wonderful.
    Some people are able to make friends with death, welcome it and even invite it to, "please, please, drop
    what you are doing and come see me."
    Four, a healthy respect and fear for it is what gives life excitement, especially if one is able to face most
    of their fears in and through their lifetime, winning most, losing some and then losing it all.
  • Jan 17 2014: Hi Joshua, you may like this page on Facebook

    I have no fear of death, it is the process that might cause goose bumbs :)