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If Norwegians can do this then why can't the USA just balance its Budget ?

All Norwegians become crown millionaires, in oil saving landmark, so why can't the US Government JUST Balance the Budget ???????

  • Feb 11 2014: Norway is very, very rich in oil, which they have not allowed individuals and companies to own and control. They have a small population that is rather educated. They have a single culture in general. They already have socalized medicine, free college education, etc. All this means that they both have the money and they have a unified populace which simplifies decisions immensely.

    The US has unbridled Capitalism which means a few profit while the rest suffer. That gap causes completely different life experiences and beliefs - formost of which is 'I got mine - so screw you.' We have a very diverse population with different aims and goals. It is difficult to convince the rich white Mormon in Utah that they should support research and treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia, for example, simply because everyone they know in their community is not affected by Sickle Cell. They certainly won't open their wallets willingly for that cause. We have Racism, Income Inequality, Generational Poverty and a Police State. We have the literal Melting Pot of the world, so grand decisions are not possible because not every group will see a benefit.

    Simply put Norwegians are all the same, so they share common goals and have no problem using common resources to improve everyone. Americans might call someone who lives next door a Neighbor, but we don't share heritage, race, religion, or education levels with them. We *might* share wealth levels, but only very locally. We believe that we have 'earned' our current position and that those who have less are 'lazy'. None of these things will contribute to a society that wants to grant a high level of prosperity to all.
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    Jan 14 2014: Tony, I wish some US government officials, from local to state to federal, read your question and reply. This is a very interesting and relevant issue, not only for Americans but also for the other people of the world - especially from countries that lend money to the USA.
  • Jan 13 2014: Because norway has like a fourth of the people, isn't 17 trillion dollars in debt and probably has politicians who give a crap.